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About Us-Ch(K)rist(i)y

We (Kristi G  and Christy P) met each other on a sunny, late summer morning at the Pioneer High School field hockey field in 1983.  That means we’ve known each other for almost 30 years. And yet, we’ve learned more about each other in the last four months then we have in the previous 29 years.  And that’s because on October 25, 2011, we started running together.  And that is when the real friendship began.

During our three years at Pioneer, we had some of the same classes and we played field hockey and softball together.  But, like a lot of high school relationships, ours faded after graduation.  We didn’t see each other during college and we reunited briefly in 1996 while planning our 10-year high school reunion.  But when the reunion was over, we parted ways once again.  Ten years later, we had our 20-year high school reunion, but neither of us saw each other or sought the other one out.

Flash forward to early 2011 when we were reacquainted like millions of people around the world, 21st century style, via Facebook.  After the initial “Friending,” Kristi G started to follow Christy P’s running prowess via her Daily Mile postings and although Kristi G was a “veteran” runner with 20-years experience under her belt, she knew she could learn a thing or two from Christy P.

So here we are now!  After running over 400 miles together in the past four months, we are training to run the Ann Arbor Marathon on June 17, 2012.  We have completed about two-months of pre-training and we start our official 16-week training schedule on Monday, February 27, 2012.

Kristi G has run four marathons and this will be Christy P’s first, but we are great matches for each other.  While Kristi G can share her experience of training for and running a marathon, Christy P actually found the training schedule we’re going to use (which Kristi G hopes will snag her a PR).  Based on the book Run Less, Run Faster (whose philosophy is basically-run less, run faster, and you’ll run better!), we are running three days a week (speed workouts, tempo runs, and long runs), swimming one day a week, and spinning another day. We’ve gone from barely seeing each other over the years, to seeing each other at least five days a week!

Through this blog, we hope to share our marathon training experiences with runners and non-runners alike.  Training for a marathon can be emotionally and physically grueling, and we hope our experiences will be able to help anyone who is training for any kind of race, or considering running a race, or thinking about starting to run, or people who just like to read blogs written by two, pretty cool, middle-aged women runners who have become two really-great, middle-aged running friends!

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  1. Jennifer #

    Hey Ch(K)risti(i)y2…okay, I need to come up with some cool nicknames for you all. I will work on that during our next long run.

    Thank you for my great Friday night entertainment. I am sitting at my computer, drinking a glass of wine, reading your very cool blog. As you may know by now, I am not a good responder to Facebook, texting, etc. So, not only are you both helping to encourage to train for my first marathon since 2006, you are getting me to check my facebook and actually post stuff on facebook and blogs, etc. I am learning so much!

    I will miss running with both of you this Sunday! Have a great St. Pat’s Day run. You all are doing an amazing job at training for the race and training for life.

    March 10, 2012
  2. St. Louis/Washington DC, Chicago running friends, or should I say (Marine Corp, San Fran Marathon, Portland, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, BA Trail, Twin Cities, St. Louis marathon running friends) please meet my new running buddies (RB) in Ann Arbor…Christy and Kristi.

    Because of Christy and Kristi, I am getting settled into my new home in Ann Arbor and getting into running again. My life has truly come full circle. I starting running my senior year at Michigan and ran my first race ever with my then boyfriend (now husband) Brady. He was more into running than me. I just started running so I could hang out with him. Then, I got addicted to it. Then I met Kristen Day, and she convinced me to run my first marathon. Then, I moved to Chicago and convinced Dao and Virginia to run the Chicago Marathon, then to St. Louis where I got Katie Gamel to run DC (and Portland and San Fran) and then, I became the mother of two children and never thought I would be able to find time to run again but Cari and Maggie made sure that didn’t happen as well as Sam! And, sorry Nicole that I moved away from St. Louis before we got to know each other better.

    So, running buddies around the United States, meet two cool people from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kristi is running her first marathon ever (although you would never know it by running with her) and the Christy is training for a PR Marathon which I know she will blow away.

    March 10, 2012

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