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Yep! Awesome pretty much sums up….Christy’s run today!  Without a doubt!  Way to go, girl!

Picture 7

See how surprised and excited she is? OK, that picture wasn’t taken today and as such I am using it totally out of context; however, I think the look on her face captures how pleased she was with her 8:49/mile pace today!

My run today?  Well, it was not as awesome!

We’ve been doing a lot of treadmill running because of the weather-windy, cold, snowy, wet, etc.  (Sidebar, I really, hate Michigan winters).  And as boring as treadmill running is, it is easier.  Once you get over the boredom part, if not from the running in place then from watching Detroit Channel 7 Action News Barbie traffic reporter and Ken anchor tell the same story over and over and over again, you realize that the treadmill at least propels you forward.  On the road, it’s up to your own body.

So not unlike the last 2-3 outdoor runs I’ve had with Christy, I watched her from the back as the distance between us grows increasingly. The first time it happened, I had a good pep talk with myself and rationalized that I wasn’t going to get all bent out of shape because of one bad run.  The second time it happened, I ran through the list of things in my head that I knew I had to do differently:

  • Hydrate more
  • Eat better
  • Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

Today, after we stopped for me to catch my breath (at Christy’s suggestion) at mile 2, the gap started widening again.  And she’s off…And she looks great!  Great compact pace and speed, upright body position, no hesitation whatsoever.  I felt I hit rock bottom.  And NOT because she was running better than I was, but because it was a 5 mile run, which I have run a gillion times before and not struggled nearly as much!  Once again, I need to:

  • Hydrate more
  • Eat better
  • Sleep, sleep, and get more sleep

After it was all said and done, I had somehow miraculously beat my overall goal time of 9:05

I find these times to be somewhat miraculous.

Huh?!? How did this happen?

So what’s all the fuss, right?  Am I just being dramatic?  Wanting people to feel sorry for me? Just looking for attention?  (Duh! Of course I’m looking for attention, I’m a blogger! About running no less). It was a good run, right?  No, it wasn’t really a good run.  It was a fast run, but not a good run.

A good run is a run during which I feel good.  And I didn’t feel good for much of today’s run at all.  I’ve run just as fast, or faster, at those same distances, or farther, and felt much better.

So here’s the thing…I’m sort of afraid.  Afraid after my marathon PR last October that I’m getting lazy.  That I’m taking running for granted.  That deep down inside I don’t think 13.1 miles is going to be a big deal.

So today, as a post Valentine’s gift to myself, I’ve got to get serious about the training. I’ve got to:

  • Hydrate more
  • Eat better
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, oh yeah, and get some more sleep
  • Commit, commit, commit, oh yeah, and commit myself some more

#sub2@bayshore, #notjustChristy’sgoal

Carry on friends, carry on.

P.S. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

And that's the thing.  I really do heart to run.  It makes be a better person in a lot of ways, so even on running days that aren't my best (either emotionally or physically), I'm always grateful I did it.

And that’s the thing. I really do heart to run. It makes be a better person in a lot of ways, so even on running days that aren’t my best (either emotionally or physically), I’m always grateful I did it.

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  1. doug #

    Great post! I will help with the recommitment process! Go Kristi!

    February 15, 2013
  2. Wow! Humbled by your very generous account of my run this morning. It was one of those runs that felt great. But, don’t let the view of my back, upright form, blah, blah, blah, fool you. It was hard work. I kept repeating my new mantra “talk the talk, run the walk.” I also kept wondering how the hell I was going to keep up this pace for 13.1 miles on May 25. I knew I could do it for 5 if I just kept working but another 5 and then another 3.1. I dunno…..
    I know that you felt disappointed during your run but dang girl, you hit goal pace! Congrats to both of us and what a great mutual decision to run today and NOT yesterday.

    February 15, 2013

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