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Detroit Marathon 2012 #firecracker5K


I hope wherever you are and whatever you did, you were able to stay relatively cool today!

From the moment I woke up today, cool was not on my schedule.  As we speak, to so speak, it’s 91 degrees in my non air conditioned house.

Being that it was the fourth of July, Champions for Charity hosted their annual Firecracker 5K in downtown Ann Arbor.  No brainer to run this race:

  • For some reason, I really like running races on holidays.
  • Five minute walk to start.
  • Portion of my entry fee goes to support Project Healthy Schools, which is a school-based program to reduce childhood obesity and its long-term health risks.
  • Had to do a track/speed workout this week anyway.

Christy and I dressed in a nice light color that would clearly reflect any sun and help keep us cool.

Christy and I went back and forth between yesterday and today trying to figure out what a good goal time would be to shoot for.  The hopes of obtaining PRs crossed our minds, but we pushed those to the back burner when we considered the heat factor (SEE!!  I am learning, well sort of).

Decision was made at the start to run between a 24:00 and 26:00 pace.  I’m going with MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  My official race time was 26:05 and Christy’s was 26:09, finishing 9th and 10th in our age group respectively.  Personally, when you factor in the heat factor (84 degrees at the start with 71% humidity), I’m sayin’ we finished in the area of sub 26:00!  😉

The goal of this blog for me is to learn things, about myself and running.  The fact that at the start we were shooting for between a 24:00 and 26:00, which means we thought a 24:00 might have been feasible, leads me to hope that one day I’ll go into a race with complete objectivity regarding my running time in relation to the heat factor.  Hey, a girl’s gotta dream.

Because it was a race day, I had to follow a few personal rules of mine:

Rule #1: Have to wear your race shirt on race day. Sidebar….you can NOT wear your race shirt until after you’ve run the race. Race shirt wearing at the race is verboten.

Rule #2: Have to wear your race medal/hardware. Sidebar…this is not a medal, per se. But it is a pretty cool necklace that my aunt, friend, biggest running fan, and running mentor, Lynne Mixer (Hey, at this point can I just refer to her as Lynne? Do I have to use the “aunt” modifier?) gave to me and Christy as a token of her kindness and support of this little running addiction we’ve got going on.

Rule #3: Have to have some kind of celebration! Despite the raging temps in Ann Arbor, we had a cookout/urban picnic. Attendees include Sarah and Dave (Doug’s mom and step dad), Sumo (my dad), Doug (of course), and Sarge (my mom).

Rise. Run. Repeat. Expands Media Empire.

Just as an FYI….Christy and I have set up a Rise. Run. Repeat. Facebook page.  We will continue to post our blogs on our own Facebook pages, but we will also post them here-one stop shopping for folks who aren’t Facebook friends with both of us (And why is that?  Why wouldn’t you people want to be friends with both of us?).  We are also hoping to use the Rise. Run. Repeat. Facebook page to also post smaller items, such as an occasional running-related thought, fear, dream, desire, photo, etc., that might not be “blog worthy.”  Wait?!  I would have something to say that wouldn’t be blog worthy?!?

How do you get there?

1: “Like” us on Facebook! (I’ve always wanted to say that!). Click on the link as pictured above on the right hand side of our blog.

2: Or click on and it will take you there directly.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.



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