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Detroit Marathon 2012 #transition, #bounceback, #bestofbothworlds

What up running blogger fans?!?!?  Bet you didn’t expect to hear from me TWICE in one day, eh?  First of all, on a totally NON RUNNING RELATED NOTE:  I just finished watching Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in “21 Jump Street.”  Hilarious!  GREAT flick-for what it is. If you are looking for mindless humor with a big twist of juvenile delinquency-check it out!

OK, onto the serious running stuff that you all tuned in to read.  Today something GREAT happened that I didn’t expect to…I went on a run, and it was GREAT!  Oh wait, I already said that, didn’t I?

Here’s the skinny:  I did plan to run today.  I was going to run to just “get the  lead out” before training for Detroit starts tomorrow-to sort of gauge how my legs were feeling.

I got out there and was feeling great.  And happiness was flowing all around me-hey, I know that sounds weird, but the last time I ran, last Sunday-a certain marathon route from hell you might recall-happiness was being held hostage in Alaska, i.e., she wasn’t around and it was going to take her a long time to get here; so long in fact that she never. showed. up.

I was thinking that this run was going to “wrap up” my training for the Ann Arbor Marathon. It was going to close the book on that chapter.  But I realized during the run that it was less an “end of” type of run and more a “transition” run.  It was moving me forward, transitioning me from my 112 days of training for and completing Ann Arbor to the next almost 130 days of training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon.  It was like a bridge from disappointment to hope.

What was so great about it?  It was a run that was the best of both worlds-how I trained/ran in the past and what I’m doing now.


  • Ran at night-6:00 p.m. and BTW…87 degrees out!  I used to run in the heat all the time before I started running the early morning hours.  I have learned to LOVE to run in the dark in the a.m., but I liked being out there in a breeze and taking in my surroundings.
  • Ran with an iPod and sang out lout at the top of my lungs when a great song came on.  I didn’t care who was around.  My very diverse and quirky play list included:
    Bare Naked Ladies, “If I had a million dollars”
    Glee, “Forget you”
    Kelly Clarkson, “My life would suck without you”
    Train, “Hey, soul sister”
    Katrina and the Waves “Walkin’ on sunshine”
    KT Tunstall, “Suddenly I see”
    Madonna, “Express yourself”
    Mozella, “Love is something”
    Robbie Williams, “Something beautiful”
    Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want” (Boy, if that ain’t the truth!  Testify Brotha Mick!)
    Sonny and Cher, “I’ve got you babe”
    U2, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” (Again, can I get an AMEN for Brotha Bono!)
  • Ran with a watch.  That’s right!  You heard me!  NO GPS!  I didn’t care how far I went or how fast I ran.  I picked a route I love in town, ran for 50 minutes and stopped.
  • Ran on trails.  Flat and wide trails, but none the less trails.  At one point I slowed down just because the scenery was so beautiful and I didn’t want to hurry through it.

Old School-running out in the high temps. OK, I wasn’t dumb though. It was 6:00 p.m. and cloudy. It sure felt a lot cooler than last Sunday’s 77 and humid.

Old School-Ran with a watch. That’s right-50 minutes. How far? Don’t know. Pace? Don’t know. And…don’t really care because that wasn’t the point.


  • Ran in a new running outfit.  FINALLY!!  I found a running skirt I can run in because it isn’t climbing up my thighs the whole time.  I love it!  Also ran in my new tank top.  Both items I purchased last week in San Francisco at a totally cool California-based running store called See Jane Run.
  • Ran with my fuel belt.  Even though I was going out to run less than 6 miles, I wore my belt.  I figured it was hot out and I might want water.  Why deprive myself?
  • Recovered with some chocolate milk.  Hey, why only make your body happy after a long run?  If it works for a long run, why won’t it work for a shorter recovery run?

New School-New running outfit-skirt and tank top. For those of you who read Christy’s marathon blog and saw her wearing a similar outfit-NO, I am not “married white femaling” her and trying to take over her life by wearing her same clothes. I’m serious.

New School-Wearing a fuel belt, even though it’s only 6 miles.

New School-Recovery drink of chocolate milk. New School AND Old School-having a sense of humor by posting a photo of yourself trying to find a muscle and tying it into the “Milk it does a body good” advertising campaign. Here is how this exchange went with Doug taking my photo. Kristi: “Does it look like I have any muscle? The top of the arms jut looks flat.” Doug: “Yes.  It looks like you have muscle. It doesn’t look like Christy’s arm.” Kristi, in her head: “No shit, Sherlock. Thank you, Captain Obvious, your work here is done.”

So there you have it: the best damn transition, bounce back, best of both worlds run I’ve ever had!

Carry on, friends. Carry on!

PS  In a follow-up to today’s earlier posting about how the Ann Arbor Marathon went for me (Day 112 of 112 #marathonday), fellow running blogger and a supporter of both Christy and I, Mark Matthews, left me with some words of advice that I personally need to heed and would like to share with anyone else whose ever had a disappointing marathon time:  “Never feel let down finishing a marathon. Every one changes you, and squeezes out something new each time.” So true!  Thanks, Mark!  One last time, can I get an AMEN for Brotha Mark?!

Check out Mark’s blog here:

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  1. Lynne Marie #

    love, love, love the new outfit. It has fast written all over it. So glad you had a great run. Most of your runs will be great. Keep running and loving it. You do show muscle, strong woman

    June 24, 2012
    • Yes! To loving the new outfit and OMG THANK YOU for saying I do show muscles. Even it it’s just because you are my aunt and we are genetically linked! I will say, I did get those Gilbert calves though! xoxo

      June 24, 2012

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