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Days 83-Swim-84-Tempo-85-Rest of 112 #alonetime

Boy!  Did I wake up in a sweet mood today!  It was the first time in a looooooooooooooong time that I didn’t work out!  I was in bed last night by 10:30 p.m. and I didn’t get out of bed until 6:45 a.m. today. I felt super well rested!  But, I suppose that is the point of a rest day, isn’t it?

Theme music that ran through my head this morning included:

  • “Oh what a beautiful morning” from the Rodgers and Hammerstein 1943 broadway smash “Oklahoma”
  • “Something’s coming” from the Leonard Bernstein 1957 classic “West Side Story”  (This is turning into my marathon mantra.  And yes, only I would pick a broadway song as my mantra.  I ooze nerd.)

I was just hummin’ along and since I felt so great and had some extra time on my hands, I took care of some chores around the house:

Taking Moxie for a walk ! There is no surer sign in life that one is aging than when one just don’t care as much about what one looks like in public! Even if that means walking around the block, knowing you’ll be seen by plenty of people, wearing your nightgown, very noticeable white robe, and winter boots.

Watering our back yard gardens. This photo is a tribute to both Tom Dewhirst and Christy Perros. Tom is always taking pictures of Christy before she heads out on a long run while she is talking to him.

My good mood was cut short, however, when I arrived at work to a sad email from Christy P.  Due to her very busy workload of a day tomorrow, she will not be able to take the morning off and thus will not be able to run with me on the 20-mile run.  GULP!!

Here’s the thing….I’ve never run 20 miles by myself.  Each of my 20-mile training runs has been either me running alone and someone biking, or me running with someone else and someone biking with us, or me running with someone else. Alas, I feel that Christy has done a most excellent job indeed of training me and I will be just fine by myself tomorrow!  Although, the jury is still out on whether or not I am going to have a biker along with me or not.  If I do, great; if I don’t, I will be just fine!  I still plan to leave between 5 and 6 a.m., I’ll have a new pair of compression shorts and a new fuel belt, I’ll be motivated by the challenge of being by myself and not talking for upwards of 4 hours (Zoinks!), and I’ve got my route all set because I will be running one of Christy’s most excellent routes-city, country, and everywhere in between!

So while I will be just fine, I will miss Christy.  I will especially miss this momentous occasion of us running our 5th 20-mile training run together.  Sigh….Sniff..  Oh well…I guess…I’LL JUST HAVE TO RUN 26.2 MILES WITH HER!  BRING IT, BITCHES!!!

So what else is going on?

Tempo Run
Wednesday’s tempo run went really, really well.  Weather was just right!  We caught the sun rise! The route, of course, was perfect-the right combination of city and country.  Our pace was most awesome!  We were supposed to run 1 mile easy and the next 7 miles at a 9:44 pace.  We banged it out at an average pace time of 9:21.  Those are some sweet seconds off, my friend.  Let me tell ya.  Also, the marathon pace time for us is 9:44-that is a 4:15 finish.  Man, if I can feel as good on race day as I did on Wednesday, I’ll be all set!

And, when I got home from work on Wednesday, the following card from my aunt was in the post (Oh, I just love being quirky and using expressions that no one else uses these days).  She is the best!  I think she is actually more excited about me running this race than I am!  Man, is that even possible??

Who can’t use a great quote from a great person and runner like Jesse Owens to really pump them up?

Jesse Owens is pretty great, but Lynne Mixer is much more greaterer! (Man! I love to be quirky and use words that are just blatantly nonexistant.  Like “strategery.”)

I have to say, I was a little disappointed this week during/after my swim workout.  I was tired the entire time we swam.  I was hoping that the swimming would really stretch out my legs from Sunday’s 7-hour, yard-work fest, and it did (author’s note:  Yard work was on Sunday.  Wednesday evening at work was the first time I stood up after sitting for a while that did not require me to limp my first few steps); however, I am wondering if the sore legs are what hampered the swim.  I mean, from the first lap to the last one, I was pretty whipped-tired legs, tired arms, short of breath.  It was the first time I got out of the pool and didn’t have a swimmer’s high. And this, made me sad indeed, my friends.

Speaking of being high, Christy and I are pretty disappointed that we don’t seem to get our runner’s high any more. I mean, I was just super happy and productive and efficient all morning after those earlier morning runs.  I’m afeared that I have gotten way to used to things.  Is this possible?  Am I actually going to have to stop running and then start-up again to get my runner’s high back?  And is this feel good feeling worth it?  I almost think it is.

Maybe part of the reason I was tired in the pool is because I was frazzled in the a.m. when I couldn’t find my bathing suit, so I had to dig out another one, which isn’t nearly as comfortable and, when wet, the crotch comes down to my knees.  Apparently, Speedo doesn’t think someone with my body girth should have my body height.  Anywho, for lack of anything better to post, here I am in it:

What I love best about this picture is that you can see Christy in the reflection; and even in the distance, you can make out her sweet arms!

Oh, the one good thing about swimming in the a.m., is that I have now gone to work two weeks in a row without taking a shower after swimming.  I might smell like chlorine, but I’m not dirty.  And my hair is short enough that I can still blow it dry and straighten it and have it look o.k.  It does look o.k., doesn’t it?  Here I am at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, stuck in traffic,-8 hours after getting out of the pool and not showering:

Stuck in stand-still traffic on Washtenaw. Yea. It’s the summer. Road work all over Ann Arbor. Kill me.

Well, that’s all I’ve got today folks.  I don’t really think there are nuggets of information about life or running that  are even remotely retrievable and could benefit anyone, and for that I say two things:  1) I am sorry and
2) Why even blog today?  Anywho, if you’re looking for some running inspiration, make sure you read our guest blogger’s post today from Heather Edwards:  All aboard!  Or, copping the blog post from KG and CP!  Heather is a long-time runner, a best friend, and a really great person; and she too, like the rest of us runners, has her struggles.  Tune in.  I dare you to not love her writing!

I’ll check back in this weekend with, no doubt, a riveting post about tomorrow’s FINAL 20 mile run; my niece’s 7th birthday; my sister’s 43rd birthday; re-installing in our rental property in Elk Rapids the 6 windows that my fabulous husband lovingly restored; and gearing up for my 9-day vacation, with my dad, that will have me getting on a plane and heading west to-where of all places-O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A for the NCAA Women’s Softball World Championship!  It’s kind of a dream of a trip for me and my dad.  Don’t worry.  You’ll hear ALL about it! 

Carry on, friends.  Carry one.

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