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Today is Tuesday and it is typically our track day but because Kristi is traveling again this weekend we are moving our workouts up a day. So we got to rendezvous with the track Monday morning.  I looked at the workout Sunday night:

The one in the middle (10 x 400 @ 1:57), etc.

It looked kind of fun.  Run The Stubs into the ground for one lap and then walk a lap.  It also looked time-consuming.  1 mile warm up, 20 laps (10 of them walking) and 1 mile cool down.  That’s a total of 28 laps….10 of them walking.  Don’t get me wrong, I welcomed the walk break but it definitely sloooooowed down the workout.

My biggest concern was how the heck were we going to keep track of the number laps we had already run??  I know it sounds like it would be simple but you would be surprised how difficult simple tasks are when you are running your ass off.  Then it came to me!  I would cut little strips of athletic tape – ten strips to be exact and put them on my arm.  As we completed a lap I would tear one off.

Funny how I’ve never noticed that my hand looks kind of old!

As we completed a lap I would rip a strip off my arms and place it here:

Dead soldiers

The workout was wildly successful!  Not only were we able to keep track of number of laps accurately but we slaughtered our goal paces.  Each 400 meter lap was to be completed in 1:57.  Here’s how we ended up:

1 – 1:41

2 – 1:46

3 – 1:45

4 – 1:50

5  – 1:47

6 – 1:48

7: – 1:48

8 – 1:43

9 – 1:50

10 – 1:41

Laps 1 and 10 were our best and a full 16 seconds faster than goal pace.  Wooo Hooo!!

Have I told you lately how much I love the track???  What I love most is that we are typically very successful at the track. Yes, my legs are screaming and my heart is pounding and my butt is aching during the sprints but I always feel so confident after we have finished.

So there you have it.  My love affair with the track continues!

As a little reward for being a loyal reader I will give you a hint regarding my Marathon outfit…

I finally caved!

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  1. Finally! I can leave a reply!! I don’t like it when “Edit this” is my only option! So….now on top of regular running anxiety for the marathon, I am faced with fashion anxiety and how uncute I will look next to you! Sheesh!!!

    May 23, 2012

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