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Hey there.  Have you noticed that my posts are becoming more and more inconsistent?

 Sorry ’bout that

I think there are two reasons for my lack o’ posting lately:

1. I’m super busy with the  mom/wife/business owner/daughter/sister/volunteer part life right now

2. Although all of my workouts are different they are also becoming very similar (not much material)

My Mom always told me “boring is good.”  As in….. it beats the alternative of unwanted excitement.

So there you have it.  Now you know why I’ve become a lame blogger.

I am happy to report that I’m feeling like I’m getting my energy back.  A few posts ago I complained about the fact that The Stubs always felt tired and uninspired.  I also reported that we were peaking in terms of quality and quantity of miles.  Last week I hit my all time high – 36 miles.  I know that really isn’t much relative to the number of weekly miles logged by most people training for a marathon.  However, Kristi and I are following the Run Less, Run Faster training plan so 36 miles for me is a lot.  Strangely enough after that high mileage week, I’m beginning to feel refreshed again.

Hehehe……yeah, I’ll try to remind The Stubs of that during my 11 mile Tempo Run tomorrow morning.

One last thought. Something very cool is happening in Ann Arbor beginning May 23!

 Check it out and help support the Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation!

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