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Day 77 of 112-Xtrain/Swimming-#sciencerocks

It was apparent last night at around 8:00 p.m. that my five hours of sleep the night before….had caught up with me.  Dozing in and out of consciousness while watching “Mad Men” and while Doug cleaned the kitchen and walked the dog, I headed up to bed at 10:00 in what felt like an out-of-body experience.

When the alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. today, I.was.just.exhausted.  Stayed in bed until about 5:20, headed down to text Christy that I wouldn’t make it to the pool until 6:00, which was great because her text came through at the same time saying she wouldn’t be in the pool until 6:00 as well.

We really are up this early working out. See the time stamp-it’s like totally proof!

I scarfed down a minimum breakfast.  I’m thinking that this could start to become a problem.  I’m up by 5:00 a.m. so I eat a little something before I work out.  But then I also need to get something after I workout and before work.  Never in my life have I eaten two breakfasts a day like this.  I told Christy today that as we start to taper our workouts, I’m going to need to taper my food intake.

I headed out the door at 5:50 and had to stop to take this photo. I love the colors and how blue the cloudy sky looked.

Look! It’s me! On the way to the Y!

A few things happened todayduring the swim that I wasn’t expecting.  Two weren’t great.  One was great.

As I was swimming along, I could feel a slight cramp in my left foot.  I kept waiting for it to turn into something more, which it has in the past, but it didn’t.  I guess this was not great (cramp) and great (it didn’t get any worse).

As I was swimming along, I got a HUGE charlie horse in my right calf. It was so bad I had to pull myself over to the side of the pool.  My leg was pretty inoperable.  And for those of you have two legs and have tried to swim with just one of them, well you know that it’s not an easy task.  Factor in the pain that was shooting through my calf.  It took about 20 seconds to die down, but I am still sort of dealing with it.  It is super tight and I keep getting up from my desk and walking around the office to stretch it.  (Sinking fear in the back of my head that it affects tomorrow’s 11-mile tempo run).  This was the other not great thing that happened that I wasn’t expecting.


A few weeks ago I was talking about the amount of time I waste in the pool trying to defog my goggles by taking them off after every few laps, spitting in them, wiping the spit around, and then putting them back on only to repat the process after another few laps.  Christy told me not to go out and buy new ones because she would order some anti-fog goggles for the two of us.  Well, today, instead of new goggles, Christy brought a “home-made” remedy-apply a little bit of baby shampoo to the inside of your goggles, rinse them around in the water, put on head, and swim fog-free.  And it totally worked!!  Do you know why?  I did not so I asked my husband the science guy, who sent me this description from Wikipedia.

“Baby shampoo is what’s called a Surfactant. Surfactants are usually organic compounds that are amphiphilic, meaning they contain both hydrophobic groups (their tails) and hydrophilic groups (their heads). (I basically stopped reading at this point.  It was too overwhelming-too many big words and all I could think of was that there are animla tail and head bits in the shampoo I use everyday). Therefore, a surfactant molecule contains both a water insoluble (or oil soluble) component and a water-soluble component. Surfactant molecules will diffuse in water and absorb at interfaces between air and water or at the interface between oil and water, in the case where water is mixed with oil. The insoluble hydrophobic group may extend out of the bulk water phase, into the air or into the oil phase, while the water-soluble head group remains in the water phase. This alignment of surfactant molecules at the surface modifies the surface properties of water at the water/air or water/oil interface.”

Gee, thanks Doug!  I could have looked it up online, myself!  I’m looking for something a little more along the lines of your average human being without a degree in chemistry being able to understand.  So he called me up and said, “The shampoo works as an anti-fogging agent because it doesn’t allow condensation to occur.  This is due to surface tension, which basically changes how the water vapor in the googles interacts with the interior surface of the goggles. The shampoo doesn’t allow the water molecules to accumulate on the surface of the goggles, they stay in vapor form instead of condensing on the surface.”

Bottom line….if your swim goggles are fogging up, head for your favorite surfactant!  In my case, it is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and NOT spit!

When we got out of the pool after wrapping up the workout I said to Christy, “I’m never in a bad mood after a swim.  I always feel good.  I’m never exhausted.  I’m never sore.  I just love it!  I have found a sport that I will use forever.”  And that is why I LOVE my Wednesday Swimdays.

Carry on, friends. Carry on.

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  1. Lynne Marie #

    Again, the pictures are priceless Are you using the electrolyte pills all the time? Don’t neglect them, they really help with lessening cramps of all kinds

    May 17, 2012
    • Ms. Lynne Marie! Sooo glad you love the photos! And YES!! I take 2 electrolyte pills every hour during our long runs and then when I’m finished! xo

      May 21, 2012

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