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Day 76-Track-#whyihate5Ks

I was grateful for Monday’s rest day after a long weekend of traveling; however, I was beyond annoyed with myself that I went to bed on Monday/Tuesday at midnight when I KNEW I would have to be up at 4:45 a.m. for Tuesday’s track workout.  HELLO!?!?!?  What was I thinking?!??!

Well about 5 hours after hitting the hay, the alarm goes off and my Tuesday a.m. proceeds with great regularity:

  • Go to bathroom
  • Feed cats
  • Let dog out
  • Get dressed while I watch tv (clothes are set out the night before in front of the couch)
  • Eat some breakfast
  • Get picked up by Christy at 5:30

Although my body is pretty used to getting up at the crack of dawn, I am very much appreciative of the earlier sun rises.  Used to be, it was just as dark when we left the track as when we got there.  Today, there was actually light when we arrived.

Ready to run 3x1600s (sort of)

Today’s prescribed track workout was 3x1600s at an 8:11 pace.  No matter what our track workout is, we seem to basically be running an 8:00/mile pace, which is fast, which is why I hate 5Ks.  For me, an 8:11 pace is fast!!!! 3×1600 is basically running 3 miles and running 3 miles is basically running a 5K and running a 5K at an 8:11 pace, is no small feat. It’s fast.  It’s hard.  Give me a good 10 miler at a 9:00/mile pace andy day!  

That being said….we rocked it!  But it’s not like it’s easy.  A 1600 is 4 times around the track.  We always talk during our warm up, cool down, and our rest intervals, i.e., the walking in between.  So when we start running, we continue out conversation, but that usually lasts for one lap-if that.  It’s just too hard to run that fast and talk.  And as I was thinking about this, I thought how lonely it must be to be a world-class marathon runner!  You never talk to anyone at all.  You are running so fast, you can’t talk.  That would suck.  So glad I don’t have to worry about being a world-class marathon runner and not being able to talk to my running buddy!

I would also categorize today’s run as about a 10-15 skid run. I was so tired from my lack of sleep I had trouble actually lifting my leg up so my foot would completely come off the track when I took a step. I probably skidded my shoe about 10 times. I always know that this is a sign of being tired. You know how I roll-it’s an 8-kick story or a 10-skid run. I’m a freak.

So that pretty much sums up my track workout:

  • Too tired
  • Glad it’s light out
  • Persevered anyway
  • Hit my goal
  • 10-skid run

Speaking of track workouts, here’s a photo of the view from my seat at work.  It offers up a little bit of motivation for me:
1) Run sticker placed inside of frame of photo right above me.  Although this is a clear violation of work place rules, no one has said anything. At my job, ’tis better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
2) Cone that I acquired during one of my track workouts (this is the “speaking of track workouts bit”)
3) Dinosaur that used to have bad juju associated with him (Acquired in town during one of my worst 20-mile training runs ever), but I’m choosing to have my current good workouts erase the bad juju so I’m not filled with vitriol when I look at him anymore.

I love how the cone points directly to the “run” sticker.  This, as you might expect, I consider a good sign.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.

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  1. Lynne Marie #

    Always love the writings but especially love the photos. Good job on the track

    May 17, 2012

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