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Whoa.  Holy Fundraiser!  What a whirlwind few weeks.  I’ve  attended 5 fundraisers over the past 2 weeks.  It’s been fun but it’s also been exhausting.  If you know me a little bit, you know I love my non-profits and I love my community.  However, attending these events during marathon training added a whole new twist.  All of these event had us eating  unhealthy fare, drinking a bit more alcohol than usual and getting far less sleep that I am accustomed to.  The good news is I managed to keep my training schedule fairly unscathed.  I accomplished all of my workouts and hit most of my goal paces…..and we supported several great causes!!

Special Days Camp

The Cancer Support Community


The Neutral Zone

Ann Arbor Art Center

…..and Peace Neighborhood Center on May 17!

Yesterday, I did a combo Tempo/Fun, Easy run.  It felt great.  Friday night I went to Breakin’ Curfew with my friends Dave and Patrick.  It was an amazing showcase of teen talent. As the evening wrapped up, I was working on talking Dave and Patrick into coming to Eastern Market with Tom, me and 8 other friends.  Dave said he wasn’t sure he could do it.  They had a lot to accomplish on Saturday and he needed to get a cardio workout in.

Oh no he didn’t…..He said that to the wrong gal.  No problem Dave, I need to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get my Tempo run in.  I could run out to your house, pick you up, run a bit with you and then we each run back home, shower and be on the road to Detroit by 8:00 a.m.  Hehehehe……..he had no argument against my plan.  I have to say,  this was the best run I have had in months.  I ran a few miles at my tempo pace, ran a few easy miles with Dave and then picked it up again.  Heaven!  Now I remember how enjoyable running can be.

We went down to Eastern Market and had a great time. (Hey Nancy Wiz and Gail….great to run into you guys!)

Here is my table with my boyfriends.

Waiting for our breakfast at Vivio’s

Here is the bloody mary I forgot to take a picture of when it arrived at the table at Vivio’s:

Yes, Tom is blowing his nose in the background!

Here is my breakfast plate after I devoured it….again forgot to take pic when the plate arrived:

Why, yes, it was quite good….it was a spinach and artichoke omelet

We came home, did a few errands/chores and then got ready for Paint the Town, a fundraiser for The Ann Arbor Art Center. The event was a lot of fun but I knew I needed to take it easy in terms of food and drink because I had a 5K to run this morning.  Ready Set Fly 5K is a great fundraiser for Project Healthy Schools.

Last year was the inaugural year of the event.  I ran it.  I won my age group.  I thought that was nuts.  Fast forward to this year.  I’m training for  a marathon (you didn’t know that did you?!?) I should be in better shape which means I should be able to run the same course faster this year and I should win my age group again.  Arrrggghhhh……..the pressure!   So, I needed to prioritize.  My first goal was to run faster than I did last year (26:30) and my secondary goal was to win my age group again.  Check and check.  Somehow it happened!  I ran the course this year in 24:46.  Not a PR but I’ll take it.

 Here I am with my “Age group winner” medal. …..

and here I am telling Tom to “STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME!!!!!”

TOM! Stop taking pictures of me!!!!

Sidebar shout out to Todd Tribble who PRed today…….way to go Todd!!!!

Then, it was time for Mother’s Day presents:

Shocker……All. Things. Running!!!

I also enjoyed a very nice Mother’s Day brunch at the Quarter Bistro with my kids, Mom, Aunt, Brother, Husband, and Uncle.   Finally, my Mom, Brother and I went see The Five Year Engagement.  I highly recommend it!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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