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Hello everyone!  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Ann Arbor, MI and a rest day for ME.  Well, rest day in terms of strenuous exercise.  I still have my list of chores….laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, walking dogs, watching the Tigers @ 1:00  AND checking in periodically to see how Chris Broshar is doing at the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  She should start about 7 minutes from now.  I’ve found that since I’ve started racing I just love to check to see how other people I know are doing with their training and racing.  Good Luck, Chris!!

Now I’ll tell you a little bit about yesterday.  Yesterday started Friday night with a pasta dinner to get ready for Saturday’s long run.

Uninspired pasta dinner. Pre made tortellini, pre made marinara sauce, pre made chicken meatballs and some french bread. Boring but did the trick.

Saturday morning started with the alarm going off at 5:00 a.m. Our 15 mile run was scheduled to start at 6:00 a.m. from my house.  Kristi arrived a little before 6, we took our obligatory pre-run photos and were off:

Yes, I know, I still owe you pre-run hair style tips.

I’m told this is the pose one is to use when you want to appear thinner. It doesn’t seem to slim muscular legs….

I realized as I was packing up my fuel belt that I was out of Pretzel M & Ms and I only had 1 Gu.  So, I brought a few fish along with me:

Mint Chocolate Gu, several ounces of water and 5 Swedish Fish to keep me company for the next 15 miles of my life.

Off we went.  The weather was predicted to be pretty good for the entire time we would be pounding the pavement.  50s and overcast.  Perfect running weather.  The route I planned would take us through some parts of town that will be on the Ann Arbor Marathon route but that we had not run yet this season. As usual we had several ups and downs.  That sounds way better than hills doesn’t it?!?  This is at the top of a big down in the Arb.

You are welcome KG for planning so that we ran down rather than up this portion of the route!

We were trucking along pretty well.  Our average pace was supposed to be 10:04.  So far, so good.  I wanted it to feel really easy – I did not.  But, it also didn’t feel awful.  The Stubs were behaving in that they felt tired but I wasn’t experiencing any significant ankle, knee, foot, toe, etc, pain.

We decided to make one more water fuel stop right outside the Relax Station.  I drank some water and ate some fish.  No, not the fish in the waterfall:

If you look really carefully you can see orange goldfish in the water. Also, does this look like a stack of urinals or bedpans to anyone else?

I know I look happy in this photo but what you can’t see is the dread I am feeling as I contemplate the next 3 miles.  All up Miller Road.  No it’s not that steep but it is miles 13, 14, and 15 and The Stubs were tired.

That smile looks a little forced, doesn’t it??

This is where Kristi starts to run a bit ahead of me.  She’s physically and mentally stronger and this point in our run.  I’m happy for her and I’m happy for me.  With her a bit ahead all I can do is chase her.  She keeps me from slowing down more than I likely would have had she not been in the lead.  Mind you, I’m not feeling awful and I know this.  I’m realizing that I can hang in there until about 2-3 miles before the end of the run.  If that’s 12 of 15 or 17 or 20 I’m feeling the same.  This is the mental part of running that will take me a while to learn.  I’m getting there but it’s a slow process.  The last mile I tell myself not to let my pace drop below 10:00.  And, I don’t!!  Part of it is because there is a down in that mile, part of it is because I”m still chasing KG, part of it is because my neighbor Bill yells out encouragement to me as I run by, but a lot of it is because I know I have a massage to get to and I need to be on time!

All in all the run was successful.  I managed to average 9:45 for the 15 miles, I got home in time to get in the shower and get to my massage on time.  I did not have time to eat.  So, I grabbed an apple for the ride:

On Huron River Drive, eating an apple, and happy to be driving not running anymore

The massage was great (I get one a month whether I need it or not!) from this bad ass woman:

That’s all 65 years old of her during the Paris Marathon last month. She’s an amazing runner and has been incredibly supportive of my training!

The massage felt great and best of all Renee assured me that The Stubs were responding to my training just right. She didn’t find any “issues” and said I should be feeling like I’m always tired and never fresh and getting slower by the day.  Great!  Glad I’m right on track.

I came home and was starving so I toasted up this jalapeno bagel (in honor of Cinco de Mayo, of course) and paired it with orange juice and a few pickles.

Tom thought the combo was a bit odd. Not the bagel per se but the oj and pickles on the side

The Diva and I ran some errands before I had to get ready for the Road Rally.  Our friends, Dave and Patrick invited us to be on their team at the Cancer Support Community’s Great Amazing Race.

Yes, Patrick, please keep your eyes on the road.

We had a blast.  We came back to the start before any other team but alas we didn’t win:

Turns out, we had to use a “cheat” to figure out one of the clues and the winning team did not even though they came in after us. Oh well, better luck next year.

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  1. Chris Broshar #

    Thanks for the shout out Christy! I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little behind on the blog, but enjoy going back to read old posts I’ve missed. You put a smile on my face today. I know how you feel about wanting to check out how others are doing with training. You can bet I’ll be checking in on your marathon day! Good luck!

    May 11, 2012

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