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Days 62-Speed/Track and 63-Xtrain/Swim of 112 #fromthewaistup, #fromthewaistdown

Hello beautiful people! How goes things?  Things are definitely going better for my legs, which means things are going better for me!

As you may recall from my post on Monday #hopespringseternal, I was struggling with some pretty intense knee pain after my long run on Sunday, which, of late, had been unfamiliar to me.

By the time I had finished my post, which is often the case, I was feeling much better emotionally about the knee pain-consumed not so much with fear of “what if” and a game plan in place to move forward and recover.

Well, this is how much I wanted to heal myself: I volunteered to walk the dog on Monday night.  Here’s the story, I get really lazy in the evenings.  As soon as 8:00 p.m. rolls around it is not unusual for me to declare, “I’m too tired to do anything else tonight.  Doug, you’ll have to do everything.”  For which, I might add, he is generally quite agreeable to said foolishness on my part (I’m super duper lucky!).  And on those nights where I do not make those declarations, I find myself way too overwhelmed to walk the dog around the block at say, the ripe hour of 9:30 p.m.  But on Monday night, I was actually looking forward to the walk because I knew walking would be a good stretch/exercise for me.  Of course, Moxie wasn’t interested in walking once she had gone to the bathroom.  So, not only did I “walk” the dog, but I then took off for about a 15-minute walk on my own to get my stretch on.  Sigh: It’s so much easier to do things when one wants to do things, as opposed to when one feels obligated to do things.

 Tuesday morning rolls around and it’s up and out the door to head to the track.  I was tired, my knees were still sore, and that sort of concerned me as the old legs would endure a lot of pounding on the track, and we were heading out 15 minutes earlier than normal (which is a big deal at 5:15 in the morning).  But, a huge smile spread over my face when I went to Moxie’s food container bin, lifted the lid, and saw this:

Doug had so wonderfully picked up dog food for Moxie at the store the night before and there was actually food to feed her! It’s the little things in life that get me through.

I proceeded to get dressed, looked in the mirror, and realized I looked so crazy I had to post this picture.

I couldn’t get my hair to look like this on purpose if I tried to! I am often grateful we run under cloud of darkness in the morning!

You can see I am wearing my name on my shirt again, which will now forever be dubbed the “JuJu Shirt.” As I mentioned, I wore this shirt in the 2009 NYC Marathon and I wrote my name on it so people would call my name out and it would lift and encourage me-which it did.  Unfortunately, my marathon time was disappointing for a number of reasons and since that day in November over 2 years ago, I hadn’t worn it.  Mostly, because it has my name on it and I don’t want to run around town and have people think I’m a twit.  But also, there’s a part of me that thinks it’s got some bad juju associated with it.  Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and behold a classic husband-wife/Doug-Kristi conversation about the shirt. 

Kristi-“Do you think this shirt has bad juju because of my NYC marathon experience?”
Doug-“I think it only has bad juju in it if you think it has bad juju in it.”

Come on!  Are you kidding me!?  Ladies, I know sometimes we ask our partners/husbands questions and we have an idea in mind already of what we want the answer to be.  I have engaged in this type of behavior before in which Doug answered my question and I doubted him and he says, “Well then why did you ask me the question?”  In the case of the juju shirt, what I was hoping for was a yes or no answer, not an internal psychological assessment of whether such a thing as juju exists!  Clearly, I believe in bad juju or else I wouldn’t have asked the question.

I was planning on wearing the juju shirt on my long 20-mile run and couldn’t afford anything holding me back, like juju or black magic.  Based on the run on Sunday, the jury was still out.

So I wore the  juju shirt to the track on Tuesday, and even though it was raining, and even though it was cold, and even though for a moment I thought we would be afflicted with sprintus interruptus , and even though it was really hard….I did it!  I did the workout with my sore/tight knees and quads and all, and I prevailed! Does that mean I hit all my goal pace times?  Nope.  But does that mean I didn’t prevail? Nope. The older, and clearly wiser, I get in my life, I understand that there are several ways to measure success.  Now, if this was a race for time, the ultimate measurement would be the time, but this was a training run, and in light of the weather, my terrible night’s sleep, and the condition of my legs-I’m claiming it ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL TRACK WORKOUT!

I’m not 100% sure that the first 1200 time is correct. I was having technical (read: user) difficulties and I can’t believe we ran that first one a whole minute slower than the rest, but who knows?

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon and ran my sore knee/compression shorts and socks theory by him, and he bought it!  He seems to think that the excess fluid directed toward the only part on my legs that weren’t being compressed, i.e., my knees, makes it highly probable that could be the reason-especially since it was the first time in close to a year that I had knee pain like that and it was the first time I had run a long distance with both of those items on.  (Flash forward to this morning in the pool-As I mentioned this to Christy she mentioned again that perhaps the compression socks/shorts are geared more toward recovery than the actual exercise itself. That wearing them during the exercise component is a newer concept than the recovery one.  Gosh!  She makes good sense a lot!) Anywho, flash back to yesterday at the doctor’s office-He suggested to me that I “add” Glucosamine to my list of supplements (one of my future posts will be a listing of the approximate 30 individual pills I take DAILY as supplements). Glucosamine is used to help prevent cartilage degeneration by supporting the structure and function of joints, i.e., a KNEE.  I told him my black lab takes it for her knee problems.  He said vets have been using it for years on animals and they know it works.  So, I bought a bottle of pills and took the daily dosage yesterday.  Today, when I got out of bed…NO KNEE PAIN!  Today, after I got up from sitting in the chair to eat my cereal…..NO KNEE PAIN!  Today, after I walked up the two flights of stairs at work…..NO KNEE PAIN!  Do you get where I’m heading with this?  I confess that I am the queen of being healed when I believe I’m being healed, but today’s results seem pretty clear to me.  I’m now officially on the glucosamine band wagon.

Oh beautiful and magical wonder supplement. Thank you. I only wish we had started this love affair a decade ago.

Yeah! It’s time to get back in the pool!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pool! It is so healthy and refreshing.  It is the only exercise that when I am finished, even if I am tired from a good workout, I feel calm.  Very strange.

I got in the water about 20 minutes before Christy and started to do my workout, and immediately it was clear that my body was tired.  NOT that I was tired, but that my legs were tired and my arms were tired.  Does that make sense?  I kept using the phrase on our long run “from the waist up.”  From the waist up, I was fine-I didn’t feel exhausted, my upper body wasn’t in bad shape, I didn’t have a terrible headache.  It was just my legs, oh and my butt, and my ankles, and my feet.  Basically, all things from the waist down. So I didn’t feel tired when I got in the pool today, but my arms and legs were whipped.

So I just took it easy, which doesn’t mean it was an easy workout.  I got in a good workout but I didn’t push myself.  My goal of the workout was to get my heart rate up (check) and stretch out my muscles (check) all in an attempt to help my body prepare for tomorrow’s 11 MILE TEMPO RUN AT 5 IN THE MORNING (Check, I think.  I guess I’ll know tomorrow).

Oh, one thing to mention….you know how a lot of pools have signs to “shower” before entering the pool?  And you know how a lot of people tend to ignore those?  I am one of those people and today a little bit ‘o karma bit me.  One of the strokes I do is to hold this rubber, figure-8 block in between my knees and just swim with my arms.  Well, when you lather up your legs with lotion the morning BEFORE you swim in the pool, and you don’t shower before you get in the pool, yesterday morning’s lotion seems to magically appear and it is difficult to keep said figure-8 rubber block in between the knees.  It popped out twice while I was summing.  In the middle of the lane.

Wrap Up
As I mentioned, I’m back on Weight Watchers in an attempt to lose 5 pounds before the race.  I’m not doing very well.  Well, I’m doing a great job of tracking my points and exercise, I’m just eating too much food.  At this point in the day, I have ZERO POINTS LEFT TO EAT.  That is, all I should be eating for the rest of the day today are foods that don’t have any points, i.e., are virtually calorie free. However, since I’m running 11 miles tomorrow a.m., I think it’s a bad idea to just eat fruits and vegetables and only drink water, which just means that I’m going to have another day in which I exceed my daily point totals.  For some background information, I get 23 points a day (Weight Watchers points are calculated based on a food’s fat, carbohydrate, protein, and fiber grams).  In a perfect world, at the end of the week, in the “Weekly Remaining Points” box, it would be zero or a positive number.  At this moment, it says -55, which means I’ve eaten almost 3 extra day’s worth of food.  I don’t have high hopes for Friday morning’s weigh in.

I want to lose the weight because it will make my running a lot easier.  I also want to lose weight because, like most American women, I don’t like the way my body looks unclothed-from the waist down.

When I look at the image on the left, I like what I see. When I look at the image on the right, I see fault immediately. And I’m so tired of feeling this way. Although, I’m fine with the suit look from the waist up.

A year ago, I posted a story on another blog of mine-This Girl Not That Girl-called “Releasing my Inner (and Outer) Bikini.” It was basically the same old story: I don’t feel comfortable with my body.  It’s never good enough.  And frankly I’m tired for thinking about it. Honestly, not a day goes by in my life that I don’t think about my body.  Isn’t that just terrible?  What a waste!  Think of all the other world problems I could have solved by now.

Which is one of the main reasons why I run-it helps keep me sane.  A month or so ago, I took this same photo of me in the bathing suit in the locker room, and I was too horrified to post it.  Now, I weigh about 3-5 pounds more and I’m posting it anyway.  Is it because I’m growing emotionally?  Or because I’m too tired to care anymore about something so superficial?  I suspect, it’s a combination of both. 

Here’s to all the women who struggle with their body image and do they best they can to be happy with themselves.  I know your struggle, I feel your pain, and I wish us all the best of luck in learning to love our bodies.

Carry on, friends. Carry on.

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  1. Lynne Marie #

    What a strange and wonderful person you are. I wish I had known to tell you about the gluco pills. Dan has been popping them for years and we know what that boy is capable of in his old age. Some days I am so terribly excited about the June M I can hardly keep my cool. I am so proud of all you are doing to prepare to give yourself the best chance of a best. That day will just be what it will be and I feel it will be. As always, Love You Madly

    May 3, 2012

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