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Yes, a bit dramatic and yes I know who signed me up – it was me.


It’s not impossible and I don’t want to quit, not even a little bit.  But, I do want to be honest – this is no walk in the park.  Near as I can tell we are at the peak (read most difficult) period of our training. The next 3 weeks are ball busters.  More mileage.  Faster paces.  And, the light at the end of the tunnel is still fairly dim.  We have 7 weeks ’til go time.  The reward for all of  this training is still very much in my future.  My present is full of sore muscles, sore joints, blisters, chafing and several more scheduled workouts.

Ok, enough whining let’s talk about pre, post and during #3 of 5 20 mile runs.

Yesterday was pretty low-key.  I did my usual meal planning, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, errand running, blah, blah, blah.  I knew I wanted to have carbs for dinner so I did a little playing on and found a recipe for   Penang Fried Rice Noodles.  It was delicious.  Both kids and Tom loved it too.   Score! It looked like this:

Yum! And enough for leftovers

 As I was saying, I needed to carb load so I had to have this too:

Bell's Amber Ale with a shot of water on the side

I got into bed at 9:30 and slept pretty well until the alarm went off at 6:00.  We had a 7:00 a.m. start time and all in all I was feeling pretty good.  The only thing that had me concerned was the weather/temperature.  At 7:00 it was 26 degrees and by 11:00 it was supposed to be 51 degrees – with sun the entire time.  What the heck should I wear?  I decided on shorts, compression socks, and 2 long-sleeved shirts that were fairly light-weight.  It was pretty cold the first 2 or 3 miles but I sure was glad by about mile 10 that I hadn’t layered up any more!

I know. You're jealous of my 'do. I can give you style pointers in another post.

Yes, we know it's 26 degrees outside.....we'll be fine.

Here I am looking sweaty and happy at mile 7 in a Starbucks bathroom.

Sweaty, yes. Happy, not so much : (

All in all, this run was not one of my best.  My legs felt tired the entire time.  The one thing that I am happy about is that my head stayed pretty sane.  I wasn’t upset that I didn’t feel great physically.  I am beginning to figure out how to just get through it.  With that said, at mile 18 and again at 20 I did ask myself  “How the eff am I going to run 8/6 more when I’m feeling like this at 18/20???”  I said this out loud to Kristi when we got back to my house and she simply said “You just do.”  I know she is right so I’m not to worried about it.

Speaking of Kristi, she is running so well these days.  She is consistently ahead of me for the final 3 or so miles.  She looks strong and is definitely an inspiration to me.  Thanks, KG, for keeping me going!!

By the time I got home.  I was so ready to be done.  In fact, my legs were barely functioning and I was more sore than I have ever been after a long run.  I went through my normal recovery routine:

1. drink 8 oz of chocolate milk

2. get out of wet clothes, warm up (stop shivering) and drink water

3. get  into ice bath (this time I used 20 lbs of ice rather that the 14 lbs I had previously been using.  Dang that’s cold!  I was shivering so badly I almost spilled my hot tea in the water.  In fact, I kind of was hoping that would happen to warm up a little spot in the tub, if just for a second.

4. get out of tub and wet clothes again, warm up (stop shivering) drink a cup of coffee and eat a bagel and some strawberries.

5. take hot shower to get clean

6. drink a La Croix

7. finally feel human again

I did find something interesting as I was cleaning out my fuel/water belt.  I had packed 2 Mint Chocolate Gu and 1 honey stinger waffle to use as fuel.  When I cleaned out the fuel portion of my belt I noticed I still had both Gu.  My Garmin and My Fitness Pal think I burned about 1750 calories on the run.  I don’t think I took enough fuel to keep me feeling strong.  I really have no idea how that happened.  I never have to be reminded to eat!

Finally, I want to tell the world (or the 299 of you that are following the blog) that my family has  been really amazing through these past 9 weeks.  Tom, works hard to make sure I have what I need food and drink wise before and after my long run, he makes sure I don’t sneak out of my ice baths, and he works hard to do the lion’s share of the housework the day I run long.  Alisha is always sending me texts that say “have a good run” or “go, Mommy” or “how was your run?”  And, Alex, well…..Alex is an almost 17-year-old boy.  He has a great deal of difficulty thinking about anything but himself and his needs.  He says encouraging things like “what? you’re doing a 20 mile run, again?  that sounds awful.”  Who would run for over 3 hours for anything.”  “I just think that’s crazy.”  But, I know what he means.  The translation is: “You’re an incredibly strong woman and I am so proud of you for your hard work and dedication.”  “I really appreciate the fact that although you are putting so much time into training I hardly notice because all of my wants and needs are still taken care of.”    ……….What?  That’s not the way you would have interpreted it??  No worries, I love them all and I know they all love me back and that’s what’s important right?

So there you have it, the not so fun 20 mile run.  Now I’m off to drink a beer at the Wolverine Tap Room with my fans. (Matt, Sue and Tom.) (and Annie and Cic joined us too!)

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  1. Great post! I think the best part of the run for you yesterday was your mental accomplishment-that you didn’t let the soreness get you down! That although it seemed unfathonable at mile 18 and 20 that you would run 6-8 more miles, you still stayed up mentally! Believe me, that is the hardst part! Way to go! P.S. Thanks for the kind comments about my running! Based on how my body feels right now, I too can not imaginge running another 6.2 miles, but I will! Because, “ya just have to!”

    April 30, 2012

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