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Hello fans!  First, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that so many of you are interested in the travels of Christy and Kristi.  I am still surprised when someone tells me they read the blog and they love it.  I also get a warm feeling in my heart when I tell one of you a story, in person, about our training and you respond “oh yeah, I remember reading about that in one of your posts.”  At first I feel a little embarrassed and uncomfortable but then I feel all happy and full of warm fuzzies.

I am having the time of my life running all over A2 with Kristi and I’m glad you are so entertained by us.

Last time I posted, I lied and told you I’d see you on the other side of a Tempo Run.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Here’s what went down:  As you may recall, we had to juggle the schedule a bit to accommodate Kristi’s trip up North this weekend.  She did it for me last week so I returned the favor this week.  You see we’re really nice to each other most of the time.  Switching up the schedule meant we would need to do two speed workouts back to back again.  The Stubs were not too happy about that last week. As we ran our track workout on Awesome Track Tuesday, we started to discuss that we just hadn’t been feeling too perky with any of our runs lately.  We discussed the option of not doing a tempo run on Wednesday and replacing it with a good old-fashioned fun run with no regard to pace (we would complete the distance which was to be 6 miles.)  That evening right before bed Kristi and I had a little text exchange.  Me asking her what she felt like doing in the morning: tempo or no tempo.  She said she was up for either and of course I said: Well then let’s do a Tempo run.  You see the reason that training is somewhat easy for me is that I love to follow a plan.  Give me a schedule and I won’t miss a workout.  I may adjust workouts according to what’s going on in my real life but I won’t not do the workout.  I know.  I’m weird.  So we meet up at 5:45 on Wednesday morning to tackle the Tempo.

Immediately, my butt muscles were screaming at me.  I mean really, I heard little voices from my backside saying things like “Wait, what the hell are you doing?  We usually swim on Wednesday”  and “Who do you think we are?  We can’t support this deviation in plan.  We might just go on strike.”  I ignored the rude little glutes and kept on truckin’.  Turns out, Kristi’s ass was feeling the same way.  We were scheduled to run 2 easy miles, 3 @ 8:44 (fast for us) and 1 mile easy.  When we got to the end of mile 2, Kristi was feeling some heartburn and a few other issues related to fatigue.  She very bravely voiced her discomfort.  I quickly offered to skip the Tempo and just run.  Her initial response was no and then about 1.5 seconds later she changed it to yes.  So.Glad.She.Said.Yes! We had a lovely run.  We managed a 9:20 pace with hills.  Not bad and totally worth it.  After the run, we discussed our decision to bail on the Tempo.  In hind-sight, we knew we would not have hit our goal pace.  We may have averaged 9:00s but would have felt like we failed.  We gave ourselves a break and I think we deserved it.  We didn’t bail on the mileage just the pace.  Knowing we had to run 18 in two days, I think we made the right decision.  Looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule but so glad we are able to be flexible with each other!

Then, we ran 18- and it was awesome!  People before you commit me, please know that at this point in my training cycle, EVERYTHING is relative.  No 18 mile run feels great.  How could it?  You are on your feet, pounding your joints, robbing your body of it’s natural state of hydration, and jostling your innards for about 3 hours straight.  However, it was my best long run ever.  It was hard at times and I struggled both physically and mentally a decent amount but I also really enjoyed it.  I am beginning to learn that although I may feel like crap at mile 12, that doesn’t mean I will feel the same way at mile 16.  I am learning to just run each mile in it’s own little package and know that the next one will be different.  I am learning that if one particular mile is tough, I don’t have to mentally give up and assume all miles going forward will be awful too.  Yes, I am learning how to run a marathon and it feels great.

Here we are at 5:35 Friday morning.  Ready to hit the road.  Nope we didn’t plan to match but we kinda did.

We've been up for 1.5 hours, it's 5:45 a.m., let's get this show on the road!!

We picked up Legs at her house which was mile 4.  It was her birthday and we were so happy she wanted to start it off on a long run with us!  The route was great.  We ran from my house by Skyline, up to Stadium Blvd., turned to go downtown, went out-of-town toward the Big House and by Pioneer, ran out to Briarwood and back up State by all of UM’s athletic facilities, up through campus, out to North Campus running past the UM and VA hospitals, up to Plymouth Road, up Broadway and down Broadway out to Main, Main to Huron River Drive and finished up on Huron River Drive near the Foster Bridge.  We got to see so much of our town it was really cool.  The weather was perfect and Kristi wants me to try to duplicate it on June 17, Marathon day!!

We lost legs at about mile 13.  I forgot to mention that she ran a killer 10k in the rain at Big House Big Heart a few days prior.  She ran a 42:xx (the website isn’t letting me get her official results right now.)  She is a beast, no!?!  She was still feeling tight and tired (justifiably so) and this was not her favorite long run ever.  We were sad to see her go but totally understood.  She took a shorter route back to her house and we continued on our scheduled route.  Of course we were going to miss her company but we were also disappointed that she wouldn’t get to see this immediately post run:

But she did!  Kristi took the balloons, cupcakes, and card to her house just as she was arriving home!  I think she was happy :  )

Look! She's facing the camera. Isn't she cute! Happy Birthday, Legs.

I still had to get into work but I didn’t want to forgo the ice bath because it helps me sooo much with my recovery.

You now know the drill.  I have to get out of my wet clothes and warm up a bit before I am able to face the ice bath, then I sit in the ice for 15 minutes.  Of course, my lower body is numb by this point so I then have to warm up again before I can actually get in a hot shower to get clean.  By the time I do all of this, make myself something to eat and clean up all of the wet clothes, water bottles, Garmins, shoes, and make myself presentable for public consumption it takes about 1.5 hours.  Long runs are time-consuming.  Get up 1 hour before you hit the road so you can eat and digest, run for 3 hours, take a couple fuel/water/bathroom breaks along the way, recover and clean up and we’re talking about a good 6 hours of my day.  I do not know how moms with little kids do this!

I did finally make it to work, actually did some work, and demolished this guy.

This is an Almost Hostess cupcake from Just Baked.  Of course, I had to get Kristi and me cupcakes in honor of Legs’ birthday too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. #

    You are both so totally fun to read especially when many of your readers really know how you feel from past practices themselves. I did most of your crazy things but almost always alone and felt good about being alone but now you make me wonder what I might have been able to do with you for my running mate. Can hardly wait for June 17 Lynne

    April 24, 2012
  2. Christy P #

    Thanks, Lynne. I’m really enjoying myself and am looking forward to finally meeting you in a few months. Thanks for following !!

    April 24, 2012

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