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Day 42 of 112-Speed/Track-#nowiknow

Workout: Tuesday, April 10, 5:35 a.m.
Posting: Wednesday, April 11, 3:42 p.m.

Before Run
This is what I felt like before we started running:

For full effect, click on "Why???" link below.


After Run
And this is what I felt like AFTER we were done with our workout:

Why? You ask.
I had the best night’s sleep on Monday that I have had in FOREVER!  I went to bed at 10 p.m. and didn’t wake up for 5 full hours! Now, while this might seem like a normal night’s sleep to all of you, this is highly unusual for me.  I wake up, on average, about every 2 hours. 

In addition, my sweet, precious, 75-pound Black Lab, Moxie, hopped into bed with Doug and I for some snuggle time around 4:30 a.m.  This has not happened in a while, and I love it!  She fits in right between the two of us  in our double bed-NOT a queen bed, NOT a king bed, but a double bed mind you-and I get my spoon on!

Sweet Baby Girl Moxie Pups!

Needless to say, I wasn’t eager to get out of bed. But I did.

Although I had selected, yet once again, winter running clothes to wear, I had not selected wisely in regards to a coat, and when I got out of the car, the wind just started ripping through me. 

So in addition to getting ripped out of bed in the a.m. of the previous best night’s sleep, being denied additional snuggle time with Moxie, forced to wear winter clothing, wind ripping through me…I only had time to finish a bowl of Kashi Puffed Wheat with two HEAPING  tablespoons of sugar and milk about 10 minutes prior to getting picked up.

Needless to say….I did not have high hopes for this performance.

Needless to say…see Nancy Kerrigan reference at beginning of post.

Pleasantly Surprised
And yet, despite:

  • Being robbed of sleep
  • Being robbed of snuggle time
  • Being forced to wear winter clothing-which did little to stop the wind
  • Being forced to force down a bowl of cereal about 15 minute before the run

We actually did quite well!

Good job brown-haired Christy and not-so-brown haired Kristi!

So, per my Amy Adams video singing a broadwayesque show tune as she dances around Central Park in NYC (FAVORITE city on the planet!!), with complete strangers joining in, and lots of fun and wonderful colors…..I was very happy.  I did, in fact, know…it was a great workout.

And how did I know?

This is how (Christy sent me a message on

I know because Christy said so! And Christy is very, very smart! She said it was a "great performance," started out funky and ended on a "high" note, great way to start a Tuesday AND I got the "blue" running person icon!

Carry on, friends. Carry on.


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