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Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read that right.  Not only was it not fun, it was kind of awful.  The long run for the week took place last Sunday.  Yes, Easter Sunday.   Legs and I needed to start by 7:00 a.m. so that we could get the run in and get onto our Easter obligations.  So I packed for the 3 hour tour.  Oh yeah, that was Gilligan’s Island.  We were about to embark on a 3.5 hour tour. Yes, if you live in Ann Arbor, I’m sure I ran by your house.

This is all the crap you need when you are going to be out on the road for several hours

Kristi was not going to join us because she had just returned to Ann Arbor from her Spring Break trip a few short hours before we were to begin.

Me and Legs. I'm the small one, she's the tall one.

And, since Tom was taking the photo(s), I had to yell at him to stop taking pics so we could leave on time.

Legs is not yelling at Tom but you don't know that because you can't see her face

As you know, I am the designated route master (RM) and I thought I had a wonderfully perfect long route planned for us.  My goal was to run part urban, part country and by enough water fountains, bathrooms that we didn’t have to drink from the puddles or piss in the woods.  Here we are at Espresso Royale on Main Street taking a bathroom break and refilling our water bottles.

Looking and feeling perky and happy

We were feeling good and the next 5 miles seemed like a piece of cake.  We made it up to the Speedway at Huron Parkway and Nixon to refill water.  The nicest man was working behind the counter.  He was super impressed that we were out running Easter morning and invited us to stop by for water any time.  He even showed us the faucet that he uses to make the coffee so we didn’t have to use the bathroom sinks.  Not that a person at 10 miles of a 20 mile run is too picky about where their water comes from but it was still a very nice gesture.  I wish I got his name.  Oh well, little Speedway man who was working on Easter morning, thank you for being so kind.  You made us smile for the next mile (which was, by the way, up hill.) 

Then, the misery began. I swear the wind picked up 10 fold and it felt like we were running up hill for miles and miles.  It felt like it because we were.  At this point, Legs was several strides ahead of me.  As we began to run up the hill on Dhu Varren by Food Gatherers Legs looked back and yelled “Are you serious?!?”  The incline here is severe and the wind was blowing head on.  It was almost impossible to keep moving forward.  I just kept telling myself that when we got to Pontiac Trail everything would be ok.  It was ok.  Ok, as in the hills just kept coming and the wind just kept blowing.  Now I was just willing myself to 15 so that I could tell myself I “only had 5 to go.”  Legs was way ahead but at least by now the sun had come out and the scenery was actually quite pretty.  When we finally got to 15, and were drinking our last bit of water, Legs asked me if I ever considered looking at the elevation of my routes.  She was very nice about it but I think she was trying to give me a big ol’ hint.  No worries, Legs, hint taken.  At this point Legs informs me she is just going to run back to my house from where we are.  In fact I think she said, “I’m not doing that little add-on crap you told me about,”  The route back to my house made for a total run of 18.5 miles.  I needed to get in an additional 1.5 and she was having no part of it.  But I did.  Those last 2 miles were about the slowest of my life but I have Garmin proof that I ran 20 miles last Sunday:

I survived, I was tired and I had to kick it into 2nd gear if I could find it so that we could be out the door and not be late to Easter dinner.  I managed to fit in an ice bath.  I spent the entire time texting Kristi which is why this happened:

Who stays in an ice bath longer than they have to (15 minutes) Only those that are in a delirious state because they just ran 20 miles.

Kristi definitely kept my mind off my legs/feet as they became numb.  I also received a text from Legs that made my day: “Wow, that was the toughest 20 miler I have ever run.  You don’t take the easy route.”  This from a woman who is about to run her 15th marathon.  Thanks, Legs, I’m taking that as a compliment with a promise to never do that again!!

Finally, I want to fill you in on a little secret.  I’m not really on this crazy training schedule to complete my first ever marathon.  Rather, I’m running like a crazy woman all over town for this:

Beautiful Easter dinner hosted by my sister-in-law, Lisa

I run so my plate can look like this:

This doesn't show the beer, appetizers, 2nd helping, and dessert that I also enjoyed! Yum!!!

JK!  I am training for that marathon on June 17  but the side benefits of extra calorie burn have been lots of fun.

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  1. I think some of my favorite pictures are the ones of you telling Tom to stop taking your picture. Good stuff! I also love the pics of Legs where we don’t see her. I think you are totally awesome for planning one of the world’s hardest 20 mile runs and pretending like you didn’t know it would be hard! That is so awesome of you! Way to play it up big time! You so know you were dying for a good hill work out! And you got it! Hey, if you feel like you’ve “been there done that” now, we could plan a 20 miler in PIttsburgh!

    See you tomorrow at 5:30 for our 8 mile Tempo run. Did I mention how EXCITED I AM ABOUT IT!?!?

    April 10, 2012

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