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Day 37 of 112-Rest Day-#birthdayofarunner

April 5, 1968-The day before, Martin Luther King Jr., was shot and killed on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee.  Judy Gilbert, a 25-year-old pregnant housewife in Minneapolis, Minnesota, wondered if bringing a child into the world was a good idea after all-the country’s race relations were in terrible shape, American involvement in Vietnam was peaking, and had she known that almost two months to the day, Robert Kennedy, Jr., would be shot and killed in San Francisco after winning the California Democratic presidential primary, well I suspect, knowing her now as a I do, April 4 could have been one of the worst days of my father’s life.

Regardless of her doubts and concerns and worries, you can’t turn the clock back on a 9-month pregnancy!  Mother Nature took control and, despite the state of the world, she gave birth to me the next day-April 5, 1968 at 9:48 p.m.

So today is my birthday AND a rest day.  I LOVE my birthday.  It is my favorite holiday.  I don’t know why more people don’t embrace their birthday.  Yes, it is a sign of getting older, which brings with it a bunch of stuff no one wants to deal with.  But you know what?  I’m happier than I’ve ever been!  And part of that reason is because I am running better than ever!!!  I am finally starting to get my head around the idea that I am just starting to tap into my running potential.

I believe there are great things on the running horizon for me!  My aunt, Lynne Mixer, who is my running mentor, is amazed by my running abilities at this point in my life.  NOT that she didn’t think I could get here, but my running performance since October seems to have come out of left field, i.e., Christy Perros (Geez!  Christy P has taken on a lot of nicknames over the course of this blog, I guess add “Left Field” to her list).  My aunt believes I’ll have no trouble running a sub 4:00 marathon on June 17.  I’m not sure about that at all-my goal is a 4:15, but just the fact that she thinks I can do it is simply amazing.

So here’s to my birthday!  And being in Florida for it with temps in the 80s and a beautiful view of the ocean with my wonderfully patient and loving husband!  And here’s to being in my mid forties and running better than ever!  As the tag line to the blog says-Run Less. Run faster. Run Older. Run Better. And here’s to the people who helped me get there-whether they’ve physically trained with me or emotionally supported me, or congratulated me on a race, or said, “Great job on the blog,” I am who I am as a runner because of all of you.  Your friendship, support, and encouragement is the best birthday gift a girl could ever have, and I get it from you every day.  Here are just a few of your names (in no particular order)-Lynne Mixer, Doug Bernardin, Courtney Gilbert, Emma Ruth Gilbert, Neil Gilbert, Judy Gilbert, Christy Perros, Jennifer Olmstead, Heather Edwards, Ronelle Prickett, Ellie and Gerry Prickett, Chelle Smay, Sharon Stachecki, Amy Eckland, Michael Johnson, Stefanie Farquharson, Jeff Genova, Mike Baker, Mike Anthony, Becky Fries, Marsha Mixer, Anne Dolinski, Sarah Lynch, Beth Curran, Bridget Smith, Mollie Olinyk, Terry Williamson, Carl Roehling, Hank Byma, Barb Rigney, Beth Kelley, Greg Jones, Chris Lawrence, Sean Sholits, Jeanne Williams, Marcus Wilkes, Chuck White, Brian Townsend, David Lantz, Tiga McLoyd, Steve Taylor, Laureen and Christina and Angela and Mark Quagliotti, Stephanie Hertzberg, Hans Schwab, Janet Kreger, Jay Zelenock, John Lyons, Darcy Knoll, Mike Kirk, Sherri Belcher, Amy  Schlecht, Paul Fontaine, Amber Arellano, Steve Hahn, Sophia Gilligan, Carleen Lunsford, Vanessa Cornell, Susan Kim, Susan Arneson…….As they say on every televised award show, if I’ve forgotten anyone….I apologize-it doesn’t lessen the support you’ve leant-it just means I’m getting older, which is obvious because today is my birthday.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.

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