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Day 36 of 112-Xtrain-Swim-#thumbsup

DISCLAIMER: There is no disclaimer.  I did the workout today (April 4).  I’m posting today (April 4).  OMG!!!

In a survey of 1,000 people published on Fitness Magazine’s May 2011 blog, 55% of people say that walking or jogging is their favorite way to exercise on vacation. I totally get this; because, for me, running or walking is the easiest—you just get dressed, pull on your shoes, and head out the door.  Plus, I always appreciate the opportunity to get some extra sightseeing in just by running around and taking in the sights—particularly local historic and contemporary architecture.

So, when I’m on vacation and I’m tasked with a swimming workout, I balk.  In the case of being here in Siesta Key, I admit I find the prospect of swimming in the ocean daunting—not because I’m worried about waves or wild life (although, aside from dolphins I HATE sea creatures; I find them disgusting; I believe they are in the ocean for a reason—they have not yet had the smarts to evolve, form legs, and hop on land with the rest of us), I’m worried about inhaling and swallowing a ton of salt water and this is contrary to a good hydration program.  So faced with this issue, I plan to swim in the Crescent Towers swimming pool for my workout.

Now, the Crescent Towers swimming pool has what I would consider to be several checks in the “con” column:

  • It’s about 12 yards long.  This is compared to the 25-yard lengths at the YMCA.
  • The pool is also about 1/3 the width of the YMCA pool.
  • The pool is open from dawn to dusk.  Excuse me, what time is “dawn” time here in Siesta Key?  I can’ tell you exactly, but I can tell you that 7 a.m. does not count as dawn down in Siesta Key. And by open I mean there is a box on the gate that is controlled remotely and it locks and unlocks at a particular time—although this time is not posted, unless you count “dawn” and “dusk” as times.
  • And probably the biggest “con” of all, is that I could be competing for use of the pool with any combination of children of many ages and adults just lounging around.

Crescent Towers Pool. Just as I would like it—with no one there.

After a day at the beach today (which involved minimal exposure in the sun), I decided I was going to try and “brave” the swimming pool.

Decided to play it safe for at least one more day—perhaps because each time my arms got exposed to sun they started to burn/sting. Refer to yesterday’s post regarding what a sunburn means.

This was as brave/stupid (such a fine line, really) as I got today. Both legs exposed no longer than 20 minutes at a time doused in 30 SPF for protection.

My view of the pool from our back porch. You can’t see it from here, but I spotted two small children playing and a couple in their 60s approaching the pool as I was contemplating the workout.

Red arrows indicate children (left of yellow line) and couple in 60s (right of yellow line). Yellow line indicates my proposed/hopeful path. I mean, the four of them will stay in the same place the entire time I am swimming, right? Especially the kids, right?

When you are hopping into the swimming pool at the YMCA in a one-piece swimsuit with a swimming cap and goggles, you blend right in.  When you hop into the swimming pool at Crescent Towers in a one-piece swimsuit with a swimming cap and goggles, you stick out like a sore thumb.

What’s a girl to do? Well, this girl hopped in and started to swim.  The best news…within 11 minutes the pool was clear.  I don’t know if it was me or if they were just finished swimming, but you can imagine…I DON’T REALLY CARE!  I was glad to have the pool to myself for what I hoped would be 30 minutes.

Thirty-eight minutes later I had completed 1,000 yards.  I was really pleased with myself—not because it was a stellar work out, but because I actually did it! For me, being 1 of the people in the 55% who prefer to run/walk on vacation for exercise, heading out the door for a 20-mile run or a 6-mile tempo run is one thing, but getting into your swimming gear and jumping into the vacation pool, is another thing all together—for me.  Geez!  What will I accomplish next?

Thumbs up! I did it!

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.


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