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Day 35 of 112-Tempo Tuesday-#moralsupportfromadistance

DISCLAIMER-At this point, pretty much expect that each day’s posting will be a day behind.

DISCLAIMER-I am terribly sorry if you tuned in today (albeit a day late) to read about my speed/track workout.  Due to my vacation, I’ve had to change up my work out schedule so instead of being Track Tuesday, it is Tempo Tuesday!  For those of you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about my speed workout, tune in on Easter Sunday!

I come from a family where blame is very important, not so much so as to identify whose fault it is, but more so for the purposes of identifying whose fault it is NOT.

So, in that familial vein, I’m trying to figure out whose fault, other than mine, it is for today’s tempo run:

Doug. He prevented me, from both a guilt and LOVING perspective, from going to the tanning salon before coming to Florida.  I have done this the past several years and upon arrival in the Sunshine State I was able to immediately immerse myself in the sun.  This time around….not so much.  And, in fairness to myself, I have been doing it the right way—apply sunscreen with fervor: 20 minutes on one side, apply more sunscreen, 20 minutes on the other side-repeat.  Regardless, this is what I looked like this a.m.

An exposed sunburn is like a letter jacket (where you are proclaiming that you are an athlete and compete for a certain academic institution) or a Scarlet Letter (where you are being identified in the 19th century as an adulterer or in the 21st century as a girl who is helping a lot of guys lose their virginity). A sunburn, regardless of what century it is, is a public declaration of bad decision-making.

Christy.  She didn’t come down here with me.  She isn’t here to support and push me while I am struggling during this tempo run.  I have become very dependent on her since October and now in my time of need, where is she?  Why hast she forsaken me?

Myself.  I like wine.  I like wine a lot.  I’ve cut back on my wine consumption during the training because it seems like the smart thing to do for my body.  Well, last night, I had a case of the “It’s only 6 miles,” and with very little thought or effort, polished off the remainder of this bottle of Riesling (which was three-quarters full) and cracked open another one.

RIP my friend.

When I looked out the window this a.m. it was overcast and didn’t “look” hot out (DUH!  That’s because it was 7:15 and the sun wasn’t up yet)! Well, having not been in the sun like this for a while,  I didn’t contemplate how quickly the sun would come out when it came out and what its intensity factor would be.  It was about at mile 2 that I realized, “Damn it!  When I turn around, I will be running in the sun the rest of the way without a hat.”  And sure enough, from mile 3.2 to mile 6, my friend the sun would follow me home the rest of the way.  What a pal, eh?

So where were we….a mass consumption of wine that I am not recently used to, no hat, running in the sun, let’s also add for good measure: no discernible means to wipe sweat off my face, a beach whose population tripled within a 15-minute time span, and my generally cranky and foul mood as a result of all the previously aforementioned items.

At this point all I could hear in my head was my mother saying, “Remember, Kristi, when you are pointing your finger at someone else, there’s three fingers pointed at you.”  Damn it, mom!

Index finger extended in the general direction of Christy, Doug, or anyone/anything else. Three other fingers pointed back at me. Hmm…..

Despite the issues above, the run went well from a pace perspective, but the equation for a successful run for me has a lot more variables than just pace.

The geographic run itself was one I’ve run several times before: head out of our complex onto the beach, walk beyond the soft sand, head south to the wall and touch it (you’ve got to touch the wall before you turn around, it is a Siesta Key, Crescent Beach tradition), head north to the next wall (touch it), turn around and head south.

All in all, not too shabby of a route.

After touching the wall and turning around I looked at my GPS.  Pace said 8:50.  GULP!   After less than a quarter-mile I knew I would not survive at this pace, so I slowed down and kept looking at my GPS-9:36, 9:24, 9:16, 9:06, 9:03—and that was just the first mile!

Miles 2 through 6 were supposed to be at an 8:59 pace, and I did it, but I struggled.   I’m not sure why things like this happen, but mile 2 seemed to take forever, mile 3 went by in a flash, mile 4 wasn’t too bad (the first half went by quickly because I turned around at mile 3.2, but the second half……), mile 5 was basically mile 2 in the reverse (same part of the beach and also seemed to take forever), and mile 6 went pretty quickly (my fastest actually because: 1) I targeted a handful of Gumbies and 2) I just wanted to finish).

When I turned around at mile 3.2 and the sun was now in my face, having already fallen out of love with this run, I was now on my way to find a good divorce attorney.

About half-way through mile 4, I started to think about much I really wanted/needed Christy because I was ready to quit!  I thought, “I can quit now and no one would know.”  But then I thought back to Christy’s blog last week  “I got by with a little (lot) help from my friend” in which she talked bout her struggles on our tempo run and how I helped her get through it. Now, I realize that whether or not I bailed on the workout would have had no direct bearing on Christy, but it sure would have on me.  Knowing that she didn’t give up last week when she wanted to and that I might have given up this week without her, would have not bothered me in the slightest…at that time.  Besides, the following two thoughts ran through my head:

  • Despite my struggles, I was running on a beach in Florida.  Christy, I knew, had spent her morning doing speed work on a treadmill.  UGH!!! KILL ME!!!
  • Last week on our tempo run, she was struggling on hills.  Again, since I was running on a beach in Florida, it meant I was running next to the ocean, which meant I was running AT SEA LEVEL.  There was no elevation for me at all during this run!!!!  In fact, as you can see from the chart below, I somehow managed to actually run below sea level.  This however seems dubious even to me.

Doug assures me that despite what the GPS elevation print out indicates, I was never 50 feet below sea level nor even 5 feet above it.

So in the spirit of Christy and what I know she would want for me, I pressed on! I wrapped up mile six with the help of about six gumbies.  I picked out my first one, made my way to her; the third and fourth were a pair of young girls (who I am always particularly fond of beating, I mean passing), the fourth one (who I wasn’t sure I would catch) stopped a few paces ahead of me prior to my catching up to her; and the fifth and the sixth ones were also a pair of young girls running quite fast.  At one point, I had passed everyone between me and gumbies #5 and 6, and even though I was pretty sure I wouldn’t catch up with them, I took pride in the fact that setting my sights on them ensured that I would run a little faster.  And it worked.  Mile 6 was FINALLY over at 8:45—fastest mile of the day. Time to walk back to our place, shower, relax, head out to our new favorite German bakery for a NY style bagel, and let the rest of the day take over.

How I Spent the Rest of the Day

Based on the first set of images, this seemed really prudent. Now, I'm not being entirely dramatic-I did spend the entire day under the umbrella, I just wore the towel because it was very breezy at times.

Taking photos of the sunset-I mean, I can't just watch it, it has to be documented, right?!

Aforementioned sunset.

Early bday dinner with Lynne and Dan since they leave on Wednesday. Poster has a quote on it that I am using to motivate myself during the marathon training. GREAT gift!

As usual, it was a full day and night.

Carry on friends, carry one.

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  1. Christy P #

    Way to go girl! I’m so glad you dug deep and perservered. Now, I’m going to have to do the same as I get to run on that dang treadmill again tomorrow morning. I will return the favor and think “if Kristi can run hungover (ok, you never actually said that but that’s what I like to picure it as) hot, and irritated by crowds of people. I can certainly hang on the mill for 1 easy mile and 5 @ 8:59.” Happy Birthday to you tomorrow too!!!

    April 4, 2012
  2. Yes! For the purposes of serving as motivation for you, let’s say that I was terribly hung over. And let’s say that the hordes of people on the beach thought I was dying and/or having a heart attack because of how I looked. And let’s say by hot I put it in perspective for you….you running in 65 degree temps with your long pants on, your maroon coat, gloves, and hat-do you think that would be hot for you? So, when you think about how how terrible that run was, your 5 at 8:59 on a treadmill…three words….piece of cake! Get your run on girl! You’ll be great!! Now…get some sleep!

    April 4, 2012

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