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Day 34 of 112-Rest or X-train-#xtrainiactuallydidit

DISCLAIMER #1-I actually posted this on April 3 instead of April 2 when the cross training actually took place.  I make this disclaimer again because: 1) I am still a terribly honest person and 2) It is still so much easier to write in the present tense.

DISCLAIMER #2-The activities I am claiming as part of my cross training workouts are pretty typical activities for me on a vacation.  However, since I’ve never been training for a marathon before while I’ve been on vacation in Siesta Key, I am counting them as my cross training workout!

Brief Recap of Sunday’s 20-miler
Don’t worry!  I know that post was long enough!  I’m not really going to go into it much with the exception of saying that my legs felt very good today!  There was hardly any soreness compared to what my legs would normally feel like a day after a 20-mile run.  I didn’t even moan and groan or limp up and down the stairs each time I went from our vacation unit out toward the beach.  I am now an official devotee of ice baths and compression socks!

Overview of Cross Training Activities

  • Kayaked with Doug for 20 minutes
  • Swam in pool for about 5 minutes
  • Walked on beach for 40 minutes

Poor Doug, I can be such a bitch at times it is unbelievable! We headed out in my uncle’s two-person, inflatable kayak with a clear plastic bottom so you can see the water beneath you.  From the get go I was snarky-Doug, why don’t you just get in?  Doug, why do you keep pushing me out directly into the waves so the water crashes over the front of the kayak and onto me?  Doug, which way am I supposed to paddle?  Good lord!  It’s amazing he didn’t dump me overboard!  Once I adjusted my attitude, things got much better-for Doug!  We stayed out in the kayak for 20 minutes (that seemed like the minimum amount of time we should spend in a cross-training activity).  Boy, it was hard!  My arms were exhausted, and I felt like I had tennis elbow in my left elbow.  Also, I don’t believe that kayaking is for people with short arms (Picture a T-Rex in a kayak with a paddle-aside from the obvious reasons why this won’t be a successful endeavor, his little arms just aren’t going to be able to easily maneuver the paddle over each side of the kayak).  Honestly, I can’t believe there is an Olympic sport that clearly discriminates against those of us with short arms.  All in all, it was a good workout.  My upper body strength is much weaker than my lower body strength so it’s always good to work those arms out, and it was fun to be out in the water about 200 yards from shore, as the view is always amazing.

My snarkiness wasn't in full-blown mode yet, but I can see myself thinking, "Jesus, Doug! Can you just hold the damn thing still so I can get in it?"

Here I am in the beautiful ocean, on a beautiful day, with my beautiful husband exercising.....could life be any more beautiful?

OK, I will be the first to admit that this is a heck of s stretch to count as a cross-training activity.  I got in the pool and swam a few lengths-what a pain without a swim cap and goggles.  The pool length at the YMCA in Ann Arbor is 25 yards, it seems this pool length is, at best, about 12 yards.  I don’t even think I swam 100 yards, but it did feel good, and  I decided I would be able to do my swimming workout on Wednesday.

Since there are never any photos or video of Christy and I swimming, I asked Doug to take some video.  I was horrified when I watched it-I thought I was rocking a sweet form-but the video proved otherwise.  Alas, I am way too chicken to post the video, but in an effort to enhance the lame cross training blog posting, I will present a screen capture of the video that doesn’t look to lame.

Swimmers, please feel free to forward any swimming-style advice.

Doug and I headed out about 4:50 for a walk on the beach.  I felt like if I was going to try and pass off/present a cross-training day, my first one since we started the training, that I had to at least get a walk in too.  We walked on the beach on Sunday without shoes and walked on the harder sand and 20 minutes into it I felt like I was walking on concrete.  So we walked without shoes and did it in the much softer sand, and it felt much easier on the knees.

Oh sure, I look fabulous here, but wait until you see the pics from Tuesday's tempo run! BTW...I think Doug looks like John Hamm/Don Draper. I know I'm a bit on the biased side since I find him so incredibly, incredible. That being said, I make ZERO claim to resembling anything like the actress who is playing Megan, Don Draper's wife.

When we approached the public beach on our walk there was a drum circle happening with people and kids dancing and playing with hula hoops and a woman passing out flowers to women to put in their hair.  What is the emoticon for rolling one’s eyes?  I know, I know. I’m so cynical it is ridiculous.  So I thought I would shoot some video of the event and then the tragedy occurred*…..a missile landed right in the middle of the drum circle, dancing, hula hooping, flower passing outing situation.**  A small child, whose last moments on this earth were no doubt filled with such happiness, at least left the planet as a happy soul.***

*There wasn’t really a tragic event (except perhaps the existence of the drum circle).
**Do you think there would be a missle strike at the US #1 rated best beach in America (this I am not kidding about) and you wouldn’t have heard anything about this on the news?  Not to mention the fact, that if I actually captured this on video that I wouldn’t have used it to launch my own personal media campaign in an effort to promote Rise. Run. Repeat.?
***That the missile hit the kid is kind of funny, only because it is so socially unacceptable.  It’s actually an iPhone app called Action Movie FX, which Doug learned about from his students.  Later in the week we are going to shoot random tourists getting run over by cars. Stay tuned!

Monday Night Sunset
Lynne and Dan are a tad obsessed about seeing the Siesta Key sunsets.  Granted, they are truly beautiful, but they basically look exactly the same every night-with the exception that if there are clouds they aren’t as spectacular.  So, if you have been coming down here, like Doug and I, for about 5-6 years, I kind of feel like, if you’ve seen one Siesta Key sunset, you’ve seen them all.  Below is typical Siesta Key Sunset-not taken by me, but stolen, I mean borrowed from the Internet.

Gorgeous, indeed, but I feel I will survive if I miss one.

So last night as we were cocktailing it and Doug was making dinner, the four of us took an occasional moment to sit on the porch and check out the sunset.  Due to the screened in porch, we can’t always get the best sunset photos, and I was too lazy (combined with the fact that I didn’t really care) to go down to the beach.  So….I took this photo of us watching the sunset, which I find hilarious because Doug looks so serious and makes me think fondly of my Sesame Street days, “One of these things just doesn’t belong here.”

And yes, I was trying to get my face color to match my shirt. Clearly, mission accomplished!

Carry on friends, carry on.

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