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Day 31 of 112-Xtrain-Spinning/Swimming-#doubleworkout

Ahh….the day before vacation and I took the day off from work  so I could get a lot done.

Since I would be leaving for the airport at 7 p.m., I knew I couldn’t go to our 5:45 p.m. spinning class, so I met up with Christy P and Legs at the YMCA for a 6:00 a.m. spinning class.

The class is normally 90 minutes, but Christy P and I only stayed for 60—she had to go home and iron clothes before work and I wanted to get an extra swim in.

Here are we leaving the class early. As usual, Legs has declined to be full frontal in the pictures.

I took my first spinning class about 10 years ago, and in the past 2 months I’ve taken between 5 and 8 spinning classes and my comments/assessments, which are shallow and have noting to do with the actual fitness component of spinning, are as follows:

  • I think that every entity that runs/hosts a spinning class should use the same bikes, i.e., there should be only one type of spinning bike. YES!  I realize this would be a monopoly.  YES! I realize this is against the law.  YES! I realize this goes against this country’s true religion, i.e., Capitalism. But  I DON’T CARE!!! I’m sick of learning new adjustments to new bikes each time I take a class somewhere else.  Hey, I never claimed I wasn’t lazy.
  • Why don’t instructors all use the same language to communicate things?  If the bike I am riding on has an electronic display that says RPM on it, why don’t they just say, “Let’s keep the RPM at 100”?  Why do they use the word cadence???  It’s dark in there and I can barely read the monitor and for the life of me there isn’t anything that says cadence.
  • Here’s an idea….turn the music down when you are talking to the class, especially if the music is blaring and throbbing and pounding.  It’s pretty easy to turn the music back up after you are finished speaking.
  • Why do all spinning instructors play crappy music?  And by crappy music I mean music I don’t like.  If I am going to work my butt off for 45-60 minutes, I want some music I can get my groove on to.  Here are examples of music that don’t work for me:
    • Techno Music
    • Music I don’t like

Here are Christy and Legs working out! Apparently, they don’t seem to have the same issues as I do with the music. I mean, maybe they do. Maybe everyone does, but it seems like I was the only one who got bored and sighed out loud out each time a new song started.

Despite my ornery behavior, I would say it was a good class.  Just because I didn’t like the music, and just because I got confused, and just because I’m getting old (some would dispute the use of the word “getting”) and can’t hear doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good class.

Maybe if I wasn’t so busy trying to take stealth photos of me and my friends during spinning and would actually focus on the class better……..

After the spin class I ACTUALLY STRETCHED for about 15 minutes before heading into the pool!

The pool at the YMCA on Friday at 7:20 is considerably less busy than it is on Wednesday at 6:oo a.m.

There are currently only 3 people swimming in the pool at this point. On our normal Wednesday work out there would be about 10 people.

So a good spinning class, not a lot of people in the pool, and knowing that I would be leaving for Florida in a few hours made for a happy workout girl.

Happy Workout Girl

I normally swim 1,200 yards on Wednesday.  Today I decided to up it 2,000. I added two new strokes.  One was free style (sort of) where I hold this very buoyant thingy in between my legs to prevent me from drowning and I basically just swim with my arms.  It is an excellent work out, and I loved it!

Buoyant thingy to help out with stronger arms. You can’t necessarily tell by the photo but it is curved so it fits nicely between your knees. The only bad thing is that it makes your legs so buoyant that it sort of ended up shoving my upper body (shoulders, head and neck ) farther down into the water so it ends up being more of a strain on my head and neck and to lift them out of the water. But I’ll do it again because I loved how tired it made my arms feel, i.e., GREAT workout.

The other stroke I did was freestyle at the end of my routine without flippers so I really had to use my legs and arms efficiently in order to feel like I’m moving forward, as opposed to a salmon swimming upstream to its death (foolish, foolish animals).  Again, it was tiring, but I felt good about it-working harder means getting stronger, right?

It took me about an hour to do the workout and I felt good.  But I was tired.  Here is sort of the opposite of Happy Workout Girl—it’s not that she isn’t happy, it’s just that after a 60-minute spinning class and 60-minute swim, she is tired.

Tired but Rewarded Workout Girl. Those swim goggles and swim caps do NOTHING to enhance a girl's look.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.

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