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Day 30 of 112-Tempo Run-#thatswhatfriendsarefor

The Temps (Clever play on words since it’s a Temp-O run)
Really? On Tuesday a.m. at the track it was 27 degrees; on Wednesday when we swam inside it was 55 degrees; now on Thursday a.m. when we are back outside doing a tempo run it’s 37 degrees?

The Fuel
Was dragging a little when I woke up.  Got out of bed a little too late.  Got dressed (the one benefit of a cold day is that it is an opportunity to wear my Spidey shirt again). Left the house at 5:20 to walk the dog.  Got home at what I was sure was 5:30 and it was 5:37.  Damn it!!!  Grabbed a bag of my favorite magic jelly beans and a water bottle that had been sitting out all night on the counter so it was nice and warm, hopped in the car, and began to “eat” breakfast. Have I ever mentioned the magic ingredient in the magic beans? CAFFEINE!  One of momma’s favorites! However, if you are contemplating taking these beans, let me assure you that if you don’t have a ton of water to drink with them, you are going to end up in rough shape-and by that, I mean your stomach is going to rebel and you will not be friends for a while.  I took the whole packet and guzzled/slammed/downed (you get the idea) about 30 oz. of warm water on my way to our tempo rendezvous point!

The Clothes
As I mentioned yesterday, I had purchased a new sports bra and some compression socks at Running Fit  from my new BFF Bridget.  She didn’t exactly declare her friendship/running love for me in that matter, but I know it’s just a matter of time.  I thought a short run would be a good opportunity to try everything out.

Although sports bras aren't advertised as being "compression" equipment-that is exactly what they are! The good news is that the new sports bra in back is several inches above my chaffing marks. I am confident this will not be a problem on Saturday's 20 miler! In addition, it was the first time in my entire running life that I ran with just ONE sports bra-and it worked like a charm! Finally, 22 years after my breast reduction, I am finally realizing that one is just enough.

Compression socks are sized/measured based on the measurement of the widest part of your calf. Because my calves are AMAZING, I end up with compression socks are a little long for me so I fold them over at the top. As Christy P says, I get extra compression now at my knees-BONUS!

While my Spidey shirt is not a compression shirt per se, it is a tad on the snug side, which is apparent by how big my boobs look while wearing a sports bra! NO ONE’s boobs look big when they are wearing a sports bra, especially after they've had a breast reduction!

The Lightbulb of Knowledge Kills my Anxiety
What a surprise….I had some initial anxiety about doing the tempo run at a pace of 8:44, even though it was only for 3 miles.  But as Christy P was texting me the night before in an attempt to get my psyched up, a lightbulb went off and a moment of clarity invaded by brain:

If Tuesday’s track workouts of 3x1600s resulted in times of 8:07; I could surely do, in essence, 3x1600s at 8:44-that is at a pace over 30 seconds slower than the track workout What am I worried about?

The Run
It went like this:

I have to be honest, when I see “easy pace” I’m always thinking 10:00, but that don’t ever happen.  Really?  We are going to claim that an 8:49 is an easy pace?  When it is only 5 seconds faster than our prescribed goal pace? Anywho, it is what it is, and I was feeling fine.  I was feeling so fine, in fact, that I talked most of the entire run.  Now normally, me going on and on and on could tend to annoy someone (Yes, I  know.  I find it hard to believe as well, but I suspect there are some people who just shy away from highly evolved and clearly intelligent conversation on a variety of topics), but I believe that it can actually be welcome gibberish when running because if someone is talking all you all have to do is run and just listen and not have to focus on how much agony you are in or try to figure out why you are struggling. I did a run with Legs a few months back and it was brutal-cold, snowy, windy-and I was exhausted.  I was thrilled at her talking about her husband’s work and some conversations on urban planning.  It helped melt the time away quickly.  In short, it was a live saver for me!

The GPS Debacle

Oh sure, at this point they are pretty much the same. Christy’s clocked a total time of 53:46:44 and mine was a 53:44:65-a mere matter of a few hundredths of a second. And even though we started our watches at the same time, my 6 miles registered slightly before hers. But why the big discrepancy in pace times? I think we need to take a serious look at this. But in the meantime, having said all of this, NEITHER of us could even imagine running without these.

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s blog,  there tends to be way too great a discrepancy between the times and distances on my GPS and those on Christy’s.  Today during the run, I was recording a pace time of 8:40 and Christy’s GPS was recording a 9:17.  And here is the danger in that…..if you are struggling during a run and you look down at your GPS and the time tells you are running 30 seconds slower than you are supposed to be running it could put you pretty much over the edge and make you give up right then and there….but not Christy P!  She kept going!  I was feeling surprisingly good today during our hills (clearly this was a result of my magic caffeine beans) and was clipping along-everything seemed to be coming together for me and doing what it was supposed to do.  During the 4-5 mile range, Christy was a few paces behind and I just kept calling out the times as per my GPS.  Which turned out to be very helpful for her because when her GPS said 9:17 and I called 8:40, she knew she was going to keep going and NOT quit.

That’s What Friend’s Are For
Christy P said in her Thursday Tempo blog,  that if I hadn’t been there with her during the run, she would have jut given up and quit. And that thrills me.  I am so happy to be a source of support and encouragement to any runner, but to Christy P in particular, because if it wasn’t for Christy P, 1) I wouldn’t be running tempo runs on North Campus at 5:45 a.m., 2) I wouldn’t be training for the Ann Arbor Marathon, 3) I wouldn’t be putting smiles on people’s faces and filling their hearts with happiness (Wait, this is what is happening with the blog, yes?), 4) I wouldn’t have tapped into nor embraced this amazing running spirit inside of me, and, most importantly 5) I wouldn’t have rekindled this high school friendship with Christy P, who not only helps lend a perspective to my inner running psychoneurosis but is also just a really amazing woman from whom I can learn a great deal about thing s in life-that aren’t even running related. And those, my friends, are the greatest and most important side effects from running with a partner.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.



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