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Day 29 of 112-Xtrain/Swimming-#OMG!OMG!OMG!

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone in downtown Ann Arbor recognized me today from pictures on the blog.  More on that later…..

DISCLAIMER: I am neither making fun of nor taking lightly the problems people have with addiction, I am simply just announcing my latest one to the world.

What I Was Not Prepared For Today-Part 1
UGH!  The four hours of sleep I only got on Monday caught up with me this morning. 

  • Alarm went off at 4:45 a.m.
  • 5:10 a.m. — My husband said, “It’s 5:10.”
  • 5:20 a.m. — I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom
  • 5:25 a.m. — A text comes in.  I know it’s Christy.  I am hoping it is her pronouncement that her mom showed up at the Y and she will meet me in the pool at 6 a.m.  This is highly preferred at the moment to a  text that her mom didn’t show up to walk with her and she’ll be in the pool at 5:30 a.m.  Especially since by the time I read the text it is 5:29 a.m. and I am not yet ready.
  • 5:45 a.m. — Leave the house with 2/3 empty bottle of Fruit Punch Gatorade and a bag of Kashi cereal
  • 5:55 a.m. — Do my neck exercises with my ball in the locker room
  • 6:00 a.m. — On the dot, Christy P shows up
  • 6:02:37 a.m. — We are in the pool and starting to swim with paddle board and flippers
  • 6:03 a.m.— My legs are beyond fatigued
  • 6:06 a.m. — Christy P is many lengths ahead of me in the pool.  Gumby doesn’t even come onto my radar screen because I know there is no way I can catch up to her. 
  • 6:08 a.m. — My “rudder” move from last week only elicits more fatigue during freestyle.  I give up.
  • 6:20 a.m. — I have gone through two sets of our routine (100 yards of paddle board and flippers; 100 yards of freestyle with flippers; 100 yards of breast stroke sans flippers) and I am FINALLY starting to feel not to tired.  It is the third set of free style.  I try my “rudder” move.  It works for about 5 strokes and then I peter out.
  • 6:40 a.m. — Workout is complete.  Exit pool.  Head home.

Despite the fatigue, I didn’t think too much about it.  It was what it was.  I’m tired.  Gee, how did that happen?  It will happen many more times over the course of the next 82 days.  I’m learning to take things in stride and not freak out about them.  Today, as tired as I was, I was just glad to be in the pool exercising and stretching and doing good things for my body.

This is, no doubt, a copyrighted photo of a US swimmer at the Beijing Olympic Games. And, no doubt, milliseconds after it was taken the swimmer is swimming feverishly fast going in and out of the water. However, at this point, it looks like said swimmer is moving along in slow motion. This is what I felt like in the pool today.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with today’s workout but I think it is an adorable photo and the polar bear is swimming.

What I Was Not Prepared For Today-Part 2
So while I wasn’t expecting to be so tired in the pool, I went along with it and was fine.  What I was not prepared for, however, was how long the anesthesia in my mouth would last after getting two cavities filled. 

I hate going to the dentist.  I love my dentist, I just hate to see him.  I have TMJ Syndrome (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and I wear a bite splint at night because I grind my teeth.  I have been using a bit splint since the spring of 1986. It is very hard for me to hold my mouth open wide for prolonged periods of time-LIKE 60 MINUTES WHILE I’M GETTING FILLINGS.

Now you can tell and show your friends where their temporomandibular joint is.

 I also have teeth that are hyper sensitive and so I was nervous about feeling any kind of pain.  I asked to ensure I would be getting plenty of anesthesia. 

My appointment was at 8:00 a.m., by 8:20 the left side of my mouth, including my tongue and jaw was pretty numb.  I asked if I would be able to eat or drink anything afterwards.  He said eating would be tricking, especially if it involved chewing.  He said I should wait a few hours.  I knew he was wrong.  I was going to get a bagel and my Mountain Dew fountain drink on my way into work.

At 9:15 I arrive at the office.  It feels like the lower left side of my face has expanded to the size of a softball.  I can not feel my teeth, I can’t really feel my tongue for that matter. But, I rip of a piece of bagel off and start to chew it anyway.  After performing a self Heimlich maneuver discretely at my desk in order to avoid a choking death (I did not want my tombstone to say: Here lies Kristi G.  She died prematurely at the age of 43 from choking on a bagel because she went against the advice of her practicing dentist of over 25 years because she thought she knew better than him).  I set the rest of the bagel aside.  I went for my Mtn. Dew fountain drink, lifted it to my mouth, and proceeded to pour it down the front of me.  Apparently, to drink out of a Styrofoam coffee cup with a top on it that has a slit in it, it’s much better if you can use both sides of your lips and the top and bottom.  After trying it one more time because I was sure I could do it, I asked my coworker for a straw.

FOUR HOURS LATER, my mouth is finally starting to return to normal and I head out the door to lunch.

What I Was Not Prepared For Today-Part 3
One of my errands today was at Running Fit in downtown Ann Arbor.  I had two objectives: get a better fitting running bra and consider dipping my toe in the compression sock pool. 

Last week’s 20-miler resulted, yet again, in terrible chaffing on my front and back, which I still have three days later.  As I mentioned, I wear two running bras, and I think this is part of the problem.  I think the one on top gets wet and slides all around and makes the bottom one move.  I have also recently lost some significant weight and, to be quite honest, my boobs are smaller. So a better fitting bra that allows me to only wear one of them, I believe, is the way to go. 

The young woman sales associate, who I did not know by name but whom I recognized as a former YMCA employee and a fast runner in town, was very helpful.  I tried on four different styles and varying sizes and I ended up with a Nike one that not only fit well, but was cool looking, although that doesn’t matter because you will NEVER EVER see me running in just a sports bra.  I am way too self conscious about my body.

After I figure out the bra I ask the young woman about compression equipment.  Christy P has some shorts and I’ve been doing some reading up about them and I’m interested in what they can do to help me reduce pain in my legs after long runs.  The young woman told me that she LOVES them!  She doesn’t run in them, well, she has run a few short runs in them, but basically she wears them AFTER her long runs for a few hours.  BUT, she adds, she wears them after she takes an ice bath. 

SOLD!  I’m in!  I’m now going to have to get on board with the ice bath.  Christy P said she felt it helped her a great deal after last weekend’s 20 miler and now this young woman who is tall and thin and fast takes ice baths AND wears compression socks-I’m in for both; although I realize that it is physically impossible for me to ever be as tall as her. 

 At check out she told me that the bra I picked was her favorite one (Clearly this is another one of my signs:  1) Tiger Woods, 2) Glowing Dashboard Cones and now 3) We wear the same sports bras and she is a fast runner and now I will be a fast runner).  I said something about that being great and that I hoped I could be as fast a runner as she was but that I suspected the running bra wasn’t the key.  Then she said, “You look familiar.  Are you doing the running blog?”  I said, “Yes,” (I mean, what are the chances she’s talking about some other running blog?  I mean, as far as I’m concerned there are NO OTHER RUNNING BLOGS!), but inside I was screaming, “What?!?  You KNOW me?!? Oh my God!  Oh my God! Oh my God!”  I soon came to learn that the very young and helpful woman in question is named Bridget and that she is friends with Christy P.   She said she really loves the blog (Hmm…did she really say that or is that how I am replaying the situation in my head?) and that she reads it every day.  I’m thinking, “This woman is a stud of a runner and she’s reading our blog every day.  How freakin’ cool is that?!?!” So thank you, Bridget, for being so helpful in your capacity as a Running Fit sales associate and for, far more importantly, stroking my writer’s ego.  You’ve done a very good thing for an old lady. 

New sports bra and compression socks. These will help me run fast and recover well, just like Bridget. I just know it.

This Friday I head south to Siesta Key, Florida for spring break vacation!  On Sunday, I am going to do another 20-miler as part of the unofficial 2012 Siesta Key Team Marathon Relay run.  Doug, me, and my aunt and uncle are going to run in total 26.2 miles.  I will be running 20 miles and they will each be running about 6 ½ miles.  When we are not running, we will be riding bikes and taunting the ones who are running. After my 20-mile run and 6.2-mile bike ride, I plan to take an ice bath for hopefully 15-20 minutes and after that wear my compression socks for up to two hours. Wearing the compression socks, however, will require some logistical planning because I do not plan on wearing them on the beach; although, with me…you never really know.

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.

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  1. heather #

    I love you, old woman.

    March 28, 2012
  2. Heather-Yeah to love!!! Muah! Muah! Muah! Mew! Mew! Mew! xo

    March 28, 2012

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