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Happy  Tuesday, everyone!  If you’ve been following along for more than a week or so you know that Tuesday is Track Day…..Yay!!!!  Remember when I hated the track?  Well, those days are long gone.  I was a little nervous this when I woke up this morning that the infatuation between The Stubs and The Track would be short-lived.  As you know, The Stubs and I ran 20 miles on Sunday which I was certain would make for tired Stubs today AND the weather decided to be normal for Michigan and we would be running in this again:

Last week we were running in temps 35 degrees warmer!

I attempted to prepare myself for the workout with a little fuel….. and by little I mean very little. 

Kashi's Island Vanilla mini-wheats and a sip of water

Yes, that’s a whole 6 oz of water and a handful of Kashi cereal.  I didn’t think I had enough time between consumption and workout to digest much and since I DON’T EAT BANANAS this was the best I could do.

We arrived at the UM outdoor track at about 5:40 a.m. and it was C.O.L.D.!  Kristi wanted to take pictures before we started.  Little did she know in my head I was cursing her.  “To hell with the damn blog.  It will just have to be mediocre today.  F the photo shoot.  Let’s get going.  I’m cooooooold.” Fortunately, she only snapped a few pics and we were off.  The plan was to run a 10 minute easy warm up, 3 x 1600 @ 8:11 with 1 minute rest intervals, and finish up with a 10 minute cool down.  As I was thinking about this workout last night it seemed pretty easy.  I mean really,  it’s only a 5 mile run, 2 of them slow and 3 fast but manageable.  The warm up wasn’t too bad and it did it’s job, I got warm pretty fast (except for that nasty wind that cut through us every time we ran the 200 meters toward the SE.)  Then we had to get on our horse for the first 1600.  Enter the ornery Stubs.  “Um, excuse me, just what do you think you are doing.  We really would prefer not to run this fast.  In fact, if you don’t slow down we may just give up in protest and make you fall to the ground.”  Yes, I literally felt like The Stubs might give out.  But, then, miraculously, they started to cooperate.  We settled into a nice 8:00 pace and got along the rest of the way.  In fact, it ended up being a great work out!  Yes, I still heart The Track.  I think this workout is working for me for the following reasons:

1. I love to run outdoors

2. I love to have my daily workout DONE by 6:45 a.m.

3. There is a nice social aspect to the UM Track Tuesday mornings.  There is another group of women who do their speed workouts at about the same time and me and KG.  They are really friendly, and supportive, and AMAZING.  They range in age from mid-50s to mid-60s and are training for races like Boston and Paris.  Yeah, nbd – they are close to 20 years older than us and are training at the same level.  Very inspirational.

Here’s proof, workout done and I’m a happy girl:

Yes, you've seen this winter running outfit a million times.

Somehow these little guys made it into my car.  Don’t ask, it will make KG all anxious and stuff:

Mini cones on my dashboard. What? That's normal.

P.S. I think the ice bath helped….other than a little argument at the beginning of today’s run The Stubs are really happy.  Dang it!  That means I have to do it again after this week’s long run. 

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. What?!?! You were cursing me?!?! Might I remind you that 1) It was YOUR idea to do the blog in the first place?? I had not plans to do any such thing until one Wednesday a.m in the pool and 2) Mediocre ain’t my game, girl, and frankly, it ain’t yours either! Glad your love affair is going strong! Nothin’ like a little lovin’ in the a.m. to start your day off right!

    March 27, 2012

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