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Day 24 of 112-Xtrain-Spinning-#clockwatcher

By all accounts, today was pretty much a perfect day.

My husband and I both had the day off from work and planned to do not much of anything, with the exception of breakfast together. I got up early and decided to do some laundry, which led me to opening my dresser drawer which led to: 1) packing up three bags of winter clothes to make room for spring/summer clothes; 2) Packing up 3 bags of clothes to take to the Salvation Army; 3) Re-organizing all my dresser drawers to make room for spring/summer clothes; 4) Washing all of my spring/summer clothes.  Three hours later…..we were NOT going to make it to breakfast at either Zingerman’s Deli or Zingerman’s Roadhouse, which was just fine because we ended up at The Broken Egg-a most excellent establishment serving breakfast all day from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. and the food is great!  I have never been disappointed with a meal I have gotten there.  I do believe they have the BEST omelettes in town and I have also never been disappointed with their service. Today’s breakfast delight at noon was french toast, bacon, some of Doug’s omelette stew, and a delicious Mountain Dew fountain drink from the gas station across the street.

Breakfast of Champions! Or, at least, breakfast for people who like french toast, bacon, and omelette scramble topped off with a delicious, crisp Mountain Dew. Ahhhh…..

After “breakfast” we headed home and I had two hours to do some post work out blogging (Days 22 and 23) before heading up the street to Salon Vox to get my do did.  Now, normally when I go to Salon Vox, I try to look nice.  I know, I know.  That sounds completely ridiculous, but I am completely intimidated by all the very young and hip looking people that work there.  For God’s sake….Thursday night is DJ night!  Yes, they actually have a dj “spinning” tunes.  The music is sooooo loud and, in my case, the music is unknown to me.  The one time I showed up on dj night, I was there for about two hours and during that entire time I only knew two songs he played:  one was a Katie Perry tune, the other a Whitney Houston.  Well, since I knew I would be going from the salon to spinning class, I put aside my insecurity yesterday and went up there in sweat pants, work out shirt, oversized long-sleeve shirt and running shoes.  Although I left there with a feeling of mission accomplished, I looked much better heading out of there then I did heading in there (and that isn’t always the case when you go to get your hair done), I was nodding and dozing off the entire time I was there.  Didn’t seem like this was a good way to head into what I knew would be a grueling 45-minute spinning class.

Mission Accomplished

Well, I was right.  The spinning class kicked my butt!!  And even though I knew it would, I was still looking forward to it.  I feel like I haven’t been spinning in a long time and I was looking forward to doing something other than running.  When I look back on my past marathon training programs, I can’t believe how much running I have done-it was basically 5 days of running.  With this training, it’s 3 days of running and 2 cross training days, and a third day of cross training if I so desire, but we all know how that’s been working out for me.

I think the key to a great spinning class is having great music.  I love music, I really love music and a good tune can go a long way to making a lousy day better, putting a huge smile on my face, making me think fondly about the people and places in my life, etc.  And….it can certainly go a long way to making a tough workout seem much easier.  Alas, that was definitely NOT the case yesterday.  I have to say, if I was a spinning instructor I would try to find music that was a combination of what I liked AND what worked for the class.  Yesterday’s music, while the beat worked for the workout, it was grueling Techno music.  I HATE TECHNO MUSIC!!  It gives me such a headache and I can’t get into a groove at all.  And so I try to think about other things, but all I can think about is how much I hate techno music and look at the clock and hope that the hands quickly move from the “12” at 6:00 p.m. to the “6” of 6:30, because I know that the hard stuff is over at 6:30.  Sadly, the minute hand moved very slooooooooowly tonight.  These were the times when I looked at the clock: 6:03; 6:08; 6:13; 6:18; 6:23; 6:24; 6:25; 6:27; 6:28; 6:29; YEAH!!!  6:30.

Overall a great class!  The sweat was just pouring off my body and I always love to sweat when I workout because I feel like I am accomplishing something.  I also liked that on occasion I could glance over and see my legs in the mirror.  Particularly, my calves.  I have to say, I think my two BEST body parts are my calves and my wrists!  My calves looked great!  Each time I would move my leg down on the pedal and my calves sort of flexed and had definition and they looked really good, I must say. So that was a spinning class bonus for me!

Oh, I forgot, at one point a guy walked into the class from off the street, hopped on a bike and started spinning, and then left saying, “I’m out” and took off.  His flip flops were a key indicator that he wasn’t signed up for the class.  The instructor followed him out the door and handled the situation very well, but she closed the door (we are right on the street in downtown Ann Arbor), and thus cut off our air flow from having both the front and the back doors opened.  Damn! I hate it when the bad behavior of one person ruins it for the whole class!  On the other hand, I envied that guy.  I always wanted to have enough chutzpah to be the gal who could sneak in and sneak out of a spinning class….just for fun and just because I could.

Here we are at the end of class, glad for it to be over, but glad that it happened in the first place.

It’s almost as if I never spent 90 minutes at the hair salon.

Headed home to a very casual dinner with my husband and we watched, my idea-not his, The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn-Part 1, which, I have to say, actually exceeded my expectations.  Which, I have to say, were not very high.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then our first of four 20-milers!!

Carry on friends, carry one.

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