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Day 23 of 112-Tempo Run-#runningrockstar

(Posted 1 day post day 23)

NOT a Good Start
What a HORRIBLE night’s sleep:
1) An over indulgence of chips and salsa at dinner left me very dehydrated and I kept getting up to drink water.  So while I usually wake up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water, last night I was probably up 4-6 times and I did have trouble falling back to sleep.
2) I had a presentation to make to my office on Thursday and even though I was pretty confident about it, I had anxiety issues where I was half asleep and half awake and trying to think of things I would say during the presentation.
3) At 4:00 a.m. the smell of smoke comes pouring in my bedroom window.  Not cigarette smoke, which I also generally can smell as people are walking home from the bar in the wee hours of the morning, but camp fire smoke.  And it was STRONG.  When I confirmed that it wasn’t coming from the house, then I was just pissed because I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  That much smoke smell…where were the flames?  Where were the fire engines?  Why am I up trying to figure this out?
4) Fall back asleep around 4:35 a.m.
5) 4:45 a.m. alarm goes off.  Hit snooze until 5:15
6) Wake up and now have 15 minutes to get dressed and figure out if I am going to eat something.

I get dressed and head downstairs.  I look in the mirror.  My shirt is on backwards:

I find the backward shirt annoying. I find the fact that I take the time to photograph it, thus delaying heading out the door, even more annoying.

Something is NOT feeling right with my shoe.  I’m like the princess and the pea when it comes to running attire.  The slightest thing off drives me crazy.  I take off my shoe to find I’m stepping on three hair bands (the only good thing about that is that I then found them) and then I notice the giant hole in my sock which 1) I don’t have time to change and 2) I know will drive me crazy while we run.

Not sure how this just happened over night. Clearly it wasn't there before or I would have seen it. Why am I taking this picture???

I’m starving.  I’ve got to do something.  I open the fridge and there is what I thought would be my savior.  My stomach spent the rest of the morning letting me know this was not a good idea and to not try it again.

It tasted so delish going down, but that ended up being short lived. It might have given me the energy I needed, but it wasn't worth it in the long run.

I send Christy a text and let her know I’m running late.  I get there and we start running. I tell her why I am feeling so tired.  I’m wishing it wasn’t a tempo run day because I could use something slow and easy.  Fortunately, it was a 6 mile tempo run instead of last week’s 7 and the mile that Christy cut out was the one with the worst uphill-just grueling.

The Run
I have to say that I didn’t really feel that great about the run until after I read Christy’s post “Eyes on the Prize, Violet, Eyes on the Prize” and realized that we did keep pace for the pretty tough 2-mile uphill portion of the run (miles 4 and 5). In fact, we not only BEAT the tempo pace for those 2 miles, but we beat the tempo pace for all 4 miles of the tempo run, AND we beat the pace during the last “easy” mile-this I find astounding.

We were rock stars during Mile 6 and I didn't even know it!

At the end of the workout I felt fine about the run.  But just fine.  I haven’t been experiencing extreme runners high much these days and I miss it.  I think it is due to an alignment between my expectations and abilities.  When I started running with Christy last fall, there was a much wider gap between my expectations and abilities so I was constantly surprising myself.  Now, I’ve just entered into a kind of, “Yeah, I can run fast.  It is what it is.” Which is just terrible!  I need an attitude adjustment.  I need a reminder of how great I really am!  And there it was in the mail when I got home from work.

Front of card

Inside of card with amazing note and a treat to boot!

A wonderful note of thanks and encouragement from Legs.  Here’s what it said, “Congrats on an awesome 5K race and some great training runs. Your dedication to the sport of running as well as blogging and documenting your (our) runs is amazing. Thanks for sharing your passion for running with me.  I thought I had lost it as I haven’t run more than 13.1 miles since 2006.  But I have found my passion again, along with stiff muscles and lost toe nails.  20 miles…bring it on!”

Wow!  Not only was this an incredibly nice thing to do, it made me get excited about running.  A passion for running?  I sure do! Dedication to running and blogging? Of course!  And that I’ve helped inspire it in someone else….that is the best part of all!

So here’s to the kindness of others and their gentle reminders that we are awesome!  That we are rock stars! That it is in fact a big deal to run a 6 mile, hilly tempo run after a terrible night’s sleep and beat all the prescribed pace times-flat roads, up hills, easy miles, or otherwise!  Here’s to our inner (or perhaps outer) running rock stars!

Carry on, friends.  Carry on.





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