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My guess is if you’re 40-50 ish you remember this girl and these guys:

Violet Beauregarde and the Oompa Loompas

Violet Beauregarde, ‘a girl who chews gum all day’, is one of the Golden Ticket winners, from the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Yes, I too love my chewing gum but that is not the similarity I am trying to draw between V and me.  Violet is extremely competitive and slightly rude.  During the course of the chocolate factory tour, she keeps wanting to do things her way.  Usually her way involves not following the rules so that she can get to the end more quickly. Willy Wonka says to her on more than one occasion, “Eyes on the prize Violet, eyes on the prize.” 

That, my friends, was my mantra this morning.  The plan called for a 6 Mile Tempo Run. Mile 1 – easy, Miles 2-5 mid-tempo pace (8:59) and Mile 6 – easy.  Our Thursday route is rather hilly and miles 4 and 5 are up-hilly.  We really know how to treat ourselves well.  I actually felt pretty good as we started out and I think Mile 1 was a 9:20,  Miles 2 and 3 were very easy to keep below 9:00 as we were cruising downhill.  Then came the work – keep it under 9:00 uphill for 2 miles.  It was hard but I still felt pretty good.  Until mile 4.5 at which point I began questioning my sanity (this happens several times a week these days.) I was ready to coast to an “easy pace” again but I had 1/2 mile between me and that luxury.  So, I dialed in.  I reminded myself that I was the one that wanted to be an athlete, I was the one that wanted to follow a rigorous training plan, and I am the one that wants to complete a marathon on June 17……and this is where Violet comes in.  During that last 1/2 mile I chanted to myself at least 12,000 times “Eyes on the prize, Violet, eyes on the prize.”  Before I knew it, my watch gave me the audible that I had completed mile 5 and I could ease up a bit.  Of course, by that time we were on flat ground again! 

All in all, I felt really good about this morning’s run.  Kristi G. was really tired going into it but just like the champ that she is she pushed herself and completed the workout with flying colors.  I had a lot to do this morning and completing that run really put me in a good place to get everything accomplished.  I just love a good runner’s high.  Not to mention a beautiful sunrise.

Driving East on US23 South this morning. No, I didn't take the photo while driving. Alisha was in the passenger's seat and captured the image.

Here’s to hard workouts, runner’s highs and beautiful sunrises.  I hope your morning was just as good!


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  1. Ah ha! This must have been why you were so quiet during the run….you were too busy saying 12,000 times, “Eyes on the Prize, Violet. Eyes on the Prize.” It was a good run! Ended up better than it started out!

    March 23, 2012

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