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Day 18 of 112-X-Train/Spinning-#funandcoolinfo

This would have been Friday, March 16. I didn’t do it.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you know why.  If you haven’t and you’re curious why, check out training days 17 and 16 (posted retroactively AND out-of-order). No need to rehash things.  So what to post about today?

Well, I’m not going to talk much at all, if you can believe it.  I am, however, going to share with you with incredibly awesome infographic that I came upon on  Infographics are a very cool way of visually communicating an idea.  If you haven’t clicked on the infographic link yet, make sure you do.  It will take you to a very, very, very cool site that my friend Stefanie sends me links to all the time with infographics so I know how to act in key situations, such as, “Should I send this email?”

As you will see as you scroll through it, the infographic below gives some pretty cool info about marathon training and running in general that you might find helpful if you are either training for a marathon or just starting your own running program.  I have personal experience with all of the following:

Glossary: The only glossary item that has NEVER happened to me is: DNF.
Common Fears: Hitting the wall, bad weather conditions, getting injured.
Common Running Injuries:  I have had ALL of those injuries.
How to Avoid Running Injuries:   They are correct, all of those will help you avoid injuries; however, in my case, I tend to just “hope and pray” the injuries will “stay at bay” even without stretching. Just so you know, hoping and praying are not very reliable methods for avoiding injury.  You’re better off following the recommendations.
Half Marathon Training Calendar: I have never followed that exact training schedule, but I can say that all of those elements are key to any successful long-run training program.
2012 Marathons:  I have run the NYC Marathon twice; I have DNSd the Chicago Marathon.  Basically, these marathons are some of the best to run in the country.  Some you have to time qualify for (Boston), some are a lottery system and so you hope they draw your name (NYC); and some you just have to sign up for fast enough before they close down registration (Chicago). If you are interested in or considering a marathon, you will want to check this site   Oh my, look at the other June marathon. Very, very impressive.

Carry on, friends. Carry on.

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