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Yep, I did it.  No, it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great.  Check out Kristi G’s post of this training day to see all the fun pics.  I decided last minute that I wouldn’t run with my iPhone.  Warmer weather calls for less clothing and fewer places to stuff things.  My fuel belt was packed with, well, fuel and salt pills.  No room for the phone.  Turns out that was a-ok as I didn’t end up being in the mood to take pics and I’m sure the extra 5.5 ounces (yes, I just weighed my phone) would have felt like 55 lbs that last 3 miles. 

Ok, ok, I stopped for a brief walk a few times but I never gave up!

That pretty much sums up how I was feeling after mile 12.5.  I’ve gotten pretty good at hanging with 13 miles.  Of course, I managed 15 miles a week ago but 17 seemed to put me in a bad place. 

I became this guy:

Yup, that's him....Grumpy.

Legs took off at about mile 10 and Kristi G. wasn’t too far behind her.  The distance between me and them just seemed to grow.  I was second guessing myself and really beginning to wonder why in the hell I ever told anyone I was going to run a marathon.  I allowed myself a pity party for a few miles and then decided I just needed to get over it.  I couldn’t keep up with them but I was going to finish this 17 mile run and that was the goal for the day.  In fact the goal for the day was to complete the 17 miles at an average pace of mgp + 45 seconds which calculates to an average pace of 10:30.  My average pace was a 9:56.  So, why all the bellyaching?  I’m not quite sure.  Intellectually, I do  know that I am asking my body to do things that I never have before and it’s responded pretty well.  But, emotionally, I beat myself up because I can’t run with my running buddies.  I feel like some sort of failure.  I know, I know,  really dumb CP,  you should really stop whining and be happy for all that you have accomplished so far.  I guess sometimes even funny, dedicated, runner/blogger people have to be in a funk and today was my day. 

I did attend a great surprise birthday party last night!  (Hi Ellen Brody. It was great to catch up with you last night and I’m really glad you are enjoying the blog.  Come run with us sometime!)  This is the cake.  I didn’t stay long enough to have a piece (I had to run 17 miles in the morning, you know) but it looked delicious!

 Ok, back to the run re-cap.  Wait nix that, I don’t feel like writing anymore about Ms. Crabby Pants.  So, let’s talk about brunch!  A few weeks ago, Kristi G very sweetly suggested we do something special after our 17 miler in celebration of my longest distance ever.  We decided brunch would be a great way to celebrate as we were sure to be hun-gry!  And then it happened, I learned one more very endearing thing about Legs.  She wanted to make sure we were going somewhere that served alcohol so that she could enjoy a much deserved Bloody Mary!  Legs, I love you even more. We ended up at the Raven’s club.

 here is the drink      

very spicy, VERY delicious Bloody Mary

here is the food 

And now I think I’m in a better mood.  Thanks for letting me vent!  Enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Yes!! You did do it!!! You did it beautifully!! Because just the act of doing it is gorgeous! And so ya know (and I am not sure if you might think this is good or bad) runners who have been running for 20 years are also plagued with doubt! So take off your Grumpy hat and put on your princess tiara! You are strong! You are invincible! You are an athlete!! You are a runner!! BRING IT!

    March 19, 2012
  2. Ellen #

    Christy, I hope you woke up this morning with some perspective. If not, please let me provide some. 17 miles running a sub 10 minute mile pace…. Let me repeat that: 17 miles running a sub 10 minute mile pace. What an accomplishment!

    Great to see you on Saturday night!

    March 19, 2012
    • Christy P #

      Thank you, Ellen! I do feel a bit better about the run. Check in next Sunday after I have run 20. I may need your encouragement again!

      March 19, 2012
  3. Ellen #

    Promise me you will go slower.

    March 22, 2012
    • Christy P #

      Ellen, I promise, I will go slower!

      March 22, 2012

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