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Day 15 of 112-Speed-#mylightbulbmoment

(posted 3 days after said “Day 15”, i.e., Friday)

Me and Christy at the track, documenting for blogging purposes. Christy is in red. I'm working the charcoal grey shadow.

It is finally starting to get nice outside here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and since our Tuesday speed workouts are track workouts, which we have been doing in the evening, we decided to give it a whirl and run outside, despite what was to be predicted as 17 mph winds! The temps had finally started to warm up AND if we ran outside, we could do it an hour earlier than normal (Our workouts with the Ann Arbor Track Club are at 7:00 p.m. at the University of Michigan indoor track so we don’t really have flexibility as to when we do the work outs.)

So we headed over to the Ann Arbor Pioneer High School track….our ole stompin’ grounds and the place where we met each other…..29 years ago!

Tonight’s work out was as follows, and in between each set was a 200 meter rest interval.
1200 meters @ 6:02
1000 m @4:59
800 m @ 3:58
600  @2:57
400 m @ 1:57
10 minute cool down

Since we had been doing our speed workouts indoors, my GPS didn’t work-well, it kept the time but it wouldn’t record any distance-what with a roof blocking the communication between my GPS and the satellite somewhere up in space.  Since I was outside I knew I would be able to record distance, which I always like, and I planned to use the “lap” feature so it would record the time for each of the sets we ran and I would know as soon as we were finished how close we were to the prescribed/recommended time.  Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for me.  And to be fair and honest, I guess I would have to say that maybe there is a way to set it up to do what I want, but I am very technologically challenged!  So when I hit the “lap” button each time we started and hit it again when we were finished, it recorded the time, which I was able to get later, but it did not display the time at that time.  It just kept showing the total running time.  And this is hard for someone like me because I am very goal oriented!  And if I am supposed to be running a set time or pace, I like to know if I hit the mark or not.  I’m very into metrics and measurements of one’s success.  This could be a side effect of being in marketing, because we are ALWAYS trying to measure what works and what doesn’t work. 

In an effort to not have to stop by my phone each time we were finished with a set of laps to pull up the workout on my calendar and check to see what our next lap time was supposed to be (and because there is no way I would remember the times-heck, half the time I can’t remember how many laps I’ve run or how many laps I have left to run), Christy figured out that basically each lap was supposed to be 2:00, so the 1200 would be about 6:00 minutes, the 1000 about 5:00 minutes, etc. So while I was glad to know that, I was frustrated that I couldn’t look down at my watch and see what my time was, because it wasn’t displaying it.  All it would give me was my pace time, and damn it that wasn’t any help at all!

Perhaps this is a good time to start to talk about how we were actually doing.  I wish I could tell you but I couldn’t because MY GPS WASN’T HOOKIN’ ME UP! I can tell you that we were running fast, that there was no way we could talk to each other, that all we could hear was the sound of our feet and our attempts to breathe and get full breaths.  I can tell you that I remembered this is why I am not a fan of speed workouts because my throat and chest burn and I spend most of my time envisioning how embarrassed I’ll be when the ambulance comes and carts me away-the almost 44-year-old marathoner who is suffering from a heart attack.  How embarrassing! So I knew it was fast, but was it too fast?  Not fast enough? Damn it!  The only thing the GPS would show me was my pace time. And how was that being helpful?  So I’m running a 7:47 pace, that doesn’t translate.  I mean, that is fast for me, but it is a track workout-it is supposed to be fast.

Needless to say, perhaps you’ve figured out at this point what I eventually figured out during one of the laps….that if each lap (400 meters) was supposed to take 2:00 minutes, and if four laps (1600 meters) equals a mile, then a simple math equation of 4 laps  x 2:00 time would give me a pace time of 8:00 minutes per mile.  Alas, using my GPS to show my pace time was helping!!!!  If I looked down and my pace time was 8:00 or faster, I was on target or faster; if it was slower than 8:00 then I wasn’t measuring up. Thank goodness…the marketing gal had her personal running metric. Duh!

Here is how we did.  We basically rocked it!!! 

"Fast times at Pi-Hi!"

And CLEARLY the best part of wearing the GPS, was that I was able to upload my route, so I could do it again and never get lost!

Running in circles.

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  1. Christy P #

    Sweet! Now I know why the stubs were rebelling!!! Ok, I have to give them extra rest tomorrow so that they can survive the 17 miles we have to do on Sunday.

    March 16, 2012

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