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Happy Sunday!  I don’t know about you, but we had great weather here today in little ol’ Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It was the perfect Sunday morning for Shamrocks & Shenanigans.  Clear, sunny skies and no precipitation.

Clearly, I needed to run in these!


Yes, I know I look a little fly-like.

I didn’t quite run in costume but I think it’s safe to say I was “festive”


A little festive, no?

Sideways festive with my Rat Terries

I’m pretty happy with the results.  My finish time was no PR, not even close. But, I had fun, I worked just hard enough, and my legs felt good the entire time. I was a bit concerned about how the stubs would react to a 5k just about 24 hours after completing their second ever 15 mile run.  I was pleasantly impressed by their resilience.But, the big news of the day is that my friend Erin completed her first race ever!  She was absolutely fantastic and finished much, much earlier than she thought she would.  I am so proud of her!  (Chris, I’m proud of you too but you’ll get your props on June 17!)

Chris and Erin moments after Erin's big finish!

But, the real reason we sign up for this race is the pint glass awarded to the first 1500 finishers!

Don't worry darling, I will fill you soon!


Unfortunately, the plan KG and I had to meet up at the start was a big fail.  Somehow we thought we would just magically find each other among a crowd of thousands.  Shockingly, that didn’t happen.  But what did happen is that KG rocked her race!  She was on fire this morning.  She ran her best 5K in 11 years!!  Go on, check out the link AND be sure to leave her a comment on this blog congratulating her. Don’t tell her but I’m glad we never met up at the start, the stubs just didn’t have THAT in them today.

Finally, congrats to the Michigan Basketball team who received a #4 seed – highest seed since 1998.  Go Blue!

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