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Day 11 of 112-Rest-#barrymanilow

And on the day before a long run she said, “Let there be rest.”  And there was rest.  And it was good.

See? I HAVE to rest today. My iPhone told me so.

Due to this Sunday’s annual Shamrocks and Shenanigan’s race co-hosted by Running Fit and Conor O’Neils Traditional Irish Pub, Christy and I had to readjust our training schedule.  So instead of cross training on Friday with our spinning class, resting on Saturday, and doing our long run on Sunday, I am now resting on Friday, doing a 15-mile run on Saturday, and then cross training (sort of) by running the 5K on Sunday.

While my rest days generally consist of hanging around the house and using the next day’s long run as an excuse to do absolutely nothing…today is a little different.  I am at work today from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 (so while my brain is being taxed, by body is relaxing).  However….things get a little crazy at 2:30.


-Leaving work
-Heading to in-laws to feed their cats
-Taking my dog to the park
-Feeding my dog and feeding my cats
-Emailing some family photos of me, Doug (wonderful husband), Annie (Doug’s sister-wonderful sister-in-law), Joel (Annie’s husband-wonderful brother-in-law), and Katie and Joey (Annie and Joel’s kids-amazing adorable and over the top niece and nephew whom I love!) with Gramma and Grampa B (Doug and Annie’s grandparents-wonderful grandparents) to Annie and Doug who are on the way to their grandmother’s 90th bday party in New Jersey!  Gramma B totally rocks!

4:45-6:00 p.m.
-Heading to dinner at Argerio’s at 4:45
-Leaving for Detroit


Hey!  Don’t be a hater!

I’ve got nothing but mad love for Barry!  I have for over 30 years and tonight will be the first night I see him in concert!

Now, there exists the great possibility that this is in fact NOT the best way to spend a REST day, the day before a 15 mile run; however, when life gives you lemons…you go to the Barry Manilow concert!!

I am, however, being as mindful as I can about the things I can control:

I had a GREAT night’s sleep last night, and they say that the night of sleep two night’s before is actually the most important.  I suspect the average age demographic at a Barry Manilow concert is in the late 40s to 50s range, which is why I suspect the concert starts at 7:30….with no opening act.  That likely has me out of Detroit by 10 and in bed by 11.

In addition to my usual breakfast of Kashi cereal toady, I had a bagel (and also a Mtn. Dew but who is paying attention).  I’ve been hydrating like crazy-already 60 oz of water and it’s only 1:03 p.m. and I bought a 32 oz Gatorade and I’m plowing through that as well.  Lunch isn’t very carby, but healthy-yogurt; red, green, orange, and yellow peppers; a protein bar, and a mini jello pudding.  I will say…I was going to eat dinner at Conor O’Neils tonight, but the temptation for a pint would be too great AND they don’t serve pasta.  So my friend, Amy, who is my Barry Manilow soulmate lover of Barry friend, was kind enough to agree to switch gears and eat dinner at Argerio’s so I can eat my traditional pre-long run dinner of pasta-bread-salad-water!

Focus and Preparation
I am telling myself that I will have a great run tomorrow.  I am checking out the terrain of the course and planning for that.  I will also be doing all of the following BEFORE I leave for the concert: setting out my running clothes, salt pills and Jelly Belly Sport Beans.    

I used to use GU, but I am now a devoted fan of the Jelly Belly Sport Beans.  They are so sweet and delicious and they come in packets that can be opened and resealed and they don’t leave a huge gooey mess in my pockets! There are a ton of flavors, but my three favorite ones are fruit punch, cherry, and berry!

I eat about 1/2 a bag of beans before I head out the door and then I eat them about once an hour while running.  Also while running, I take two salt pills every hours.  I use the brand below.  I started using them last year and I found them to be absolutely amazing.  My body recovers so much more quickly!  I highly recommend them.  You can get both the magic beans and the magic salt pills at a good running story… RUNNING FIT!!

So there you have it….sleep, food, focus, and preparation!  That will be what gets me through the run tomorrow, despite the fact that I will spend a few hours tonight ON MY FEET DANCING AND SINGING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS CUZ I LOVE ME SOME BARRY MANILOW!

EXCELLENT energy beans! They're practically magic!

Magic Pills-I take magic beans and magic pills. Now you all know the secret to my running success.



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  1. heather #

    If by “they” saying it’s the rest you get two nights before that counts, you mean my high-school XC coach, then yes, yes, they do! And I’ve got your back on the magic beans. Just don’t pull a Liz Carter and eat a bag of the caffeinated kind the night before a 15-mile run (exhibit A, May 2011 Riverbank 25k). Enjoy Barry!

    March 9, 2012

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