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Good morning, friends!

I apologize for my absence from the blog world.  My damn day job has really gotten in the way – and by day job I don’t just mean my work at Absolute Title but include my responsibilities as:  Mom, Daughter, Mom, Sister, Mom, Wife, Mom,  Friend, Mom. Yes, my kids are 16 and 17 but they still need me A LOT some days. 

So, since I last talked at you, I have done a track workout, a swim workout, and a tempo run. Good, good, bad


Last night’s track work out was relatively uneventful. I dressed better for the occasion and was no longer confused for a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest. Wick away materials are my friends. Here we are before and after.  I’m sure it’s hard to tell which is which so there will be prize for the first commenter that guesses correctly!

Our work out called for a 1 mile warm up, 4 800s at 3:57 each and 2 minute rest intervals between, followed by a 10 minute cool down. A total of about 4 miles.  Although it felt hard during the 800s, all in all I didn’t feel like I worked very hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sore but I didn’t have that whoo hoo I just crushed it kind of feeling. However, then next morning my legs felt it and were very tired. 


The swim workout had to be a speedy one.  I needed to get 1200 yards in and be home, showered and changed, in time to get one of those goofy teenagers to school.  The other goofy teenager didn’t have to be to school until later in the day, so I got to be bus diver. So, with tired legs from the track workout the night before, I kicked my little heart out and was done with the workout in 34 minutes.  Made my goal of getting home in time to get myself out the door and A2 to school by 7:30!  Yes, I showered!  But, I don’t think I spent quite enough time with the soap because I smelled like chlorine all day long!


I felt like the postman this morning.  You know, the guy/gal that has to get your mail delivered no.matter.what.  Rain, sleet, snow, hail.  Mmmmm Hmmmm, I was that girl this morning.  Had to go do this tempo run no.matter. what.  Sore legs?  So what. Head filled with mucus?  So what. It’s raining?  So what.  The winds are 10-25 mph with gusts up to 30 mph?  So what. In perfect postman fashion, I got myself out the door, got to our designated meeting place by 5:45 and what ready to go when Kristi G. pulled up.  Now mind you the one good thing about having to run this morning is that we got to run with the high temperature of the day – 55 degrees!  Of course, I wore shorts.  When I got out my car, Kristi G. laughed at me (in her smug little tights, and rain jacket) and said “what are you going to do if it really starts to pour?  I stared back and her and said “Get wet.”  Quite a come back, eh?  Well, it wasn’t pretty but we gotter done.  It was hard.  We didn’t make many of our goal times (which appeared so easy when I looked at them last night.)  Fighting that wind was a B*tch.  Evidence that this particular tempo run didn’t leave me too happy:

I must leave you now.  Duty calls.  Gotta get some real work done. 

Tell me, how have you been?  What have you been up to the last few days.  Did you miss me??

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  1. Jeff Genova #

    Good job girls! Way to get out there and run when the running ain’t great and getting out the door is the hardest part.

    March 8, 2012

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