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Day 9 of 112-Tempo Run-#somanyhashtagoptions

Wow!  So many hash tag choices to use for tonight’s work out, and yet, so little space.  Tonight could have been hashtagged in any of the following ways:


So Christy picks me up and she starts talking about how much of a pain it is going to be to figure out the laps.  I said, “Why?”  She said, “Because the track laps are 220s.”  And I thought, “Really? I thought each lap was a 200.”  I was confused, but I was in a hurry getting home from work and I had gotten my nose outta whack before I left work, and I wasn’t surprised that I was confused.  So I’m sitting in the car trying to figure out how many laps we have to run to get to 800s if the track laps are 220s.  And I’m getting more confused because, “What are we running?  Oh, we’re running 800s?  Well that’s a mile right?  No? That’s a 1/2 mile. Wait? 1600s are a mile?  Huh?”  I’m confused. “But what is the difference if we run in lane 1 vs. lane 6, then is it like 200s in lane 1 and 220s in lane 6? Wait, what?  Huh?”  Oh hell, we’ll just figure it out when we get there.

So we get there and I am excited about the work out because it’s 1/2 as much as last week and we totally rocked that one!  So we do our 1-mile warm up and as we are wrapping up I suggest we head over to the sign that indicates the distance of each lap for each lane so we know how much to run to get to our 800s.  And I chuckle and say to Christy, “The laps aren’t 220s, they’re 200s.  We are running meters.”  “We run in meters, not yards?” Christy asked.  “Yes,” I said. And there was our answer. We knew we only had to run 4 laps to get our 200s in and we would run in lane 1.

Why didn't the US just adopt the metric system? Then runners would only have to learn one type of distance.

After the 1-mile warm up, we were supposed to run 4x800s @ 3:58 with a 2 min RI (rest interval) between each set.

Here’s how it gloriously played out:
1st 800-3:44
2nd 800-3:40
3rd 800-3:42
4th 800-3:47

Woo hoo!! We rocked our second track work out it a row!! And what is so awesome is that these are the work outs that I was fearing the most!  I have horrible memories of running the track last summer at Pioneer High School and two years before running the track at U of M.  I mean it was just a punishment for me!  Horrible side stitches, feelings of nausea, legs like rock. Blech!

But not tonight!!  Now, to be completely honest, I have to admit that while it was GREAT that we ran faster 800s than expected, we also walked longer during our rest intervals than expected.  They were supposed to be 2:00 minutes, but they were really:
4th-We probably weren’t even supposed to walk a fourth one, we probably were supposed to go right into the 10-minute cool down, but instead we did a 1:15 walk.  This was probably a good idea though because I can not, for the life of me, keep these damn speed work outs straight in my head.  During last week’s tempo run I thought we had a 1-mile warm up.  Thank goodness Christy was able to adamantly correct me in informing me it was a 2-mile warm up (She’s just so good to me like that. She’ll pick ya up when you’re down-unless, apparently, you’ve fallen on ice-twice-and she’s too busy laughing). And  tonight I thought we had a 2-mile cool down and it was only a 10-minute cool down! And I even typed up the schedules-TWICE!!  Here, I fear, is where the “middle-aged” runner thing is starting to hit home.

Here is how I felt tonight while running:
One mile warm up-This ain’t so bad.
1st 400-This is amazing!  I am like a gazelle!  I feel tall (see reference to new orthotics below)!  I can’t believe we only have three more of these to run!
2nd 400-OMG!  What happened?  I feel like I’m going to throw up!  I can’t believe we have two more of these to run!
3rd 400-God!  That was an hour ago, I can’t even remember.
4th 400-Who stuffed my mouth full of cotton and when did this happen? Is there some sort of small needle in my lips sucking out any and all moisture?  I feel like my lips look like they must belong to an 80-year-old woman who has had been smoking for 75 years! Just. one. more. lap.
10 minute cool down-Thank God I was wrong and it’s only 10 minutes and not 2 miles. I can’t stop looking at my watch.  When will 10 minutes get here?

So basically, we ran/walked tonight for about 4.5 miles and we did it in an overall time of 48:03.  Honestly?  I’ve run 5 miles in a row before, no stopping to walk, in that same amount of time.  You know what I say?  I say Nike is right about me!

C'est moi!

I do believe I shall attribute some of my success tonight to my NEW orthotics!  I picked them up today at Arbor-Ypsi Foot and Ankle. My doctor is Bradley Seel and he is great!  I like him for a lot of reasons (charming, friendly, handsome doesn’t hurt either), but mostly because he is a runner!  So he understands the problems that runners can have with their feet!  If you need a good podiatrist, check him out!

Orthotics for me are kind of like running shoes-despite their huge necessity for my success/survival as a runner, I don’t always keep track of them as well as I should.  The orthotics I had been running in were a couple of years old.  Below is a photo of the rear elevation of my right orthotics-new and used.  Guess which one is new?  Gee, I wonder why I felt so tall during the first 800 tonight?? Watch out Christy P…this girl is going to be super fast and stable now!!

Words escape me that I let this happen!

And finally, to end on a lovely note, a picture of me and my girl Christy, before and after the work out. Guess which one is before?

4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15; 4:15;

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  1. heather #

    You hit the nail on the head — I’ve felt like and thought about all of those things while running speed work with Trudy at Union High School. Buuh (Lynne Mixer sound). Trudy’s gonna love this one.

    March 7, 2012

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