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Day 10 of 112-XT #2-Swim-#backtoamworkouts!

When you run/train as much as Christy and I do, you eat a lot. And you tend to eat when you’re hungry regardless of when it is.  Case in point….last night I left work at 6.  I wanted to eat some pasta before my track work out.  By the time I got home, I knew I just didn’t have enough time to eat the way I wanted to, so I dug into a bowl of my favorite cereal ( Kashi Go Lean Crunch) with a cup of skim milk and loaded up with blueberries and raspberries.  I LOVE the Go Lean Crunch.  It is sweet (one of my favorite food flavors) AND healthy-9 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and 17g of whole grains.  Super healthy food AND good for training!  So I had my delish cereal and went to the track work out.  When I came home, I cleaned up around the house, blogged, and sat down in front of the tv for my Tuesday night treat-“The Biggest Looser.” But…it was 10 p.m. and I was hungry and wanted that pasta.  So I took it!  And after that, I had another bowl of Kahsi, but a much lighter bowl-7 Whole Grains Puffs

Yummy! 10:09 p.m. serving of pasta!

Within the past few days, I either saw someone on tv or heard someone talking on the radio about being a beauty blogger.  I thought, ‘Who would blog about beauty and who would care?”  And then, thinking about my recent venturing into marathon blogging I figured, “I suspect a TON of people would be interested in beauty blogging.”  So…I’ve decided to join in.  Below are two of my unique/trademark hair-don’ts from the last two days:

How to get these looks:
The Track: Pull bangs back; secure with three, brightly colored hair bands; go run at the track; come home; take out bands; let hair dry; don’t wash hair; go to sleep.
The Pool: Perform “The Track;” go swimming; towel dry hair minimally; DO NOT brush hair; put on winter hat; go home; wait 5 minutes; remove hat.

Sweet!  Now I am officially a beauty blogger!

Morning Workouts
Yeah!  At last!  A return to my morning workouts!  I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so we can start to to our track workouts outside in the a.m. Funny… one with a decent indoor track of any distance wants to open their doors to the public at 5:30 a.m.  Hm…….I smell a business opportunity for early morning workout freaks like me and Christy P!

Anywho…the alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m.  I only lie in bed for 1 1/2 snoozes!  I leap out of bed, get dressed, feed the cats, feed the dog, give the dog her pills, walk the dog, and I am still out the door at 5:50 a.m..  I made my way to the YMCA for our swim workout with much enthusiasm!  I’m not really sure what to say about the swimming today so I thought I would share some photos of the morning because I was sooooooo excited to be working out in the a.m. again.

View from front porch at 5:30 in the morning! Lovely!

View of my house at 5:30 in the morning! Lovely!


I wish my phone could have really captured how this looked at 5:30 in the morning. The moon was under a bunch of clouds and it looked super cool. I think it's funny in this picture that the moon doesn't look much different then a street light.


My sweet, precious Black Lab named Moxie at 5:30 in the morning. She has always lived up to her name!


Me walking to YMCA at 5:50 in the morning. Totally psyched to be up early and working out and heading to the pool!

Swimming Work Out
Alas, we finally arrive to the key point of the blog, eh?  The actual work out.  Well, let’s not rush into things.  Let’s start out with some MORE PHOTOS:

"Pool Cool" I actually really dig this photo. I like how the flourescent lights show up as kind of being radiating halos behind our heads! What you can't see in this picture is that we also wear the same bathing suits! NOT on purpose, however.


"Pool Uncool" NERD alert! Oh well, what are ya gonna do? My hair is long enough that I need to wear a cap and there is no way to swim in that chlorinated pool without goggles!

In terms of the actual work out, we had a good one!  I was really tired though. Not too tired to do the workout, but once I got in the water and started to use my legs, they were super tired.  I suspect that is due in large part to sprinting the night before at the track.  However, I was also swimming faster.  I was making a concerted effort to be an efficient swimmer.  This involves using both of my arms and legs as powerfully as I could.  When I do the breast stroke and the freestyle strokes, I find myself doing my best to kind of skim the water.  I have learned in the short time I’ve been swimming that one swims faster, when one is not deep in the water.  And as I try to maintain this form of kind of skimming the surface and my eyes are one minute above water and the next under water, it reminds me of camera work on tv and movies when the camera starts on top of the water and then heads underneath and you can see both above and below the water at the same time.  It reminded me of a commercial I saw last night on tv for a show called “River Monsters” on Animal Planet.  This guy basically spends his time in rivers looking for the most ridiculously looking unevolved animals on the planet.  Gross!  They are disgusting! Alas, I digress….

So we did the workout today, 1,200 yards (interesting how when we run around a track we measure it in meters but when we swim laps in a pool we measure it in yards)  in 33 minutes and 34 seconds.  This is a workout that generally takes us 45 minutes, but we have started to cut out the chit chatter and swim, swim, swim!!!

Today’s life saving lessons:
1) When swimming underwater, do NOT engage in a huge coughing attack.  This makes it very difficult to move forward, as water starts pouring into your lungs.  And lungs filled with water, don’t work nearly as efficiently when you try to breathe as lungs NOT filled with water.
2) When pushing off from the wall, at which point you are above water, DO NOT inhale with an open mouth the moment you start to enter the water?  Why?  See item 1 above in regards to water-filled lungs.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in Ann Arbor, Michigan today!  I have a great/beautiful view of the Huron River from my desk.  I hope wherever you are, you have the opportunity to partake in nature’s beautiful offerings as well!

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  1. Heather #

    I kinda like the track hair look.

    March 7, 2012

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