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Hi Everyone,

Kristi G. posted a nice blog yesterday thanking all of you readers.  Lemme in on a piece of that!

Rise. Run. Repeat. was born 8 short days ago.  During the past week, 279 of you have decided we are worthy of your time.  Hot dang, did you read that number??  We already have 279 followers.  Thank you all for taking a little time out of your day to learn more about us.

As you can tell by the photos above, we are no spring chickens.  In fact, we’re 43 glorious years old and damn proud of it.  So why are we running a marathon and bloggin’ about it NOW?  There’s a side of the story that we haven’t yet shared with you.  We’re having a great time training and telling all about it but we’re also in it for another reason.  We’re running The Ann Arbor Marathon and hoping to raise lots of money for the Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation. We have created a fundraising team called. Rise.Run.Raise. (funds for AAPSEF) Repeat. We have created individual fundraising pages that tell you exactly why we want to raise money for this great cause.  We each have our own unique reasons and passion for public education and running this particular marathon.

Please take a minute to check out these links.  We are almost 1/2 way to our fundraising goal and we would be very grateful for your support!!

Christy’s Fundraising Page (Yep, that’s me and my daddy. He was an amazing guy – hint…I’m running my first marathon for him!)

Kristi’s Fundraising Page (Kristi – lookin’ GREAT after 20 years!)

Check us out!!!

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  1. Why now? Rather! I say, “WHY NOT?!?!?”

    March 6, 2012
  2. Christy – what a great looking dad! That 70’s guy. Happy training.

    March 8, 2012

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