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Training Day 7 of 112-Long Run-#halfmary

I need to comment on a few things Christy P spoke about in her post prior to getting starting on what will no doubt be another enthralling post of my own!

Sometimes I don’t read Christy’s post before I post, because I don’t want to be influenced by her writing, i.e., she might say something really cool, but if I hadn’t thought of it, I don’t want to post about it.  Her stories are her stories.

And I don’t really want to be critical of my blogging/running buddy, but she crossed the line in her post today! And I quote, ” I should have determined what direction the wind was predicted to be blowing and plan our route to run into it for the first 7 miles or so and then have it at our back for the final 6.”  As I am fond of quoting my sister, Courtney Gilbert, I have to say “Oh hell no!” Now, let me explain.

Christy, as she indicated, is the route master/email coordinator/den mother/mom of our running group.  She always comes up with the routes and she emails the group (sometimes there are up to five of us-Jennifer Olmstead, Barb Rigney, Beth Kelley, and the two of us) and lets them know the route AND….she even gives people mini route options, e.g., “We are leaving Kristi’s house at 7:30, that will put us at Zingerman’s at 7:35, Mitchell Field by 7:50, or out at Green Road by whatever time we end up out there.  That allows/encourages (we hope) Barb and Beth to join us for a run without having to do the entire distance-as the two of them have much more sense and are NOT training for a marathon! Anywho, I asked Christy yesterday if she could do a reroute for today because it had been soooo windy for two days and it’s always windy when we run by the river.  She, in truly fucking bad ass manner (see yesterday’s post to understand vulgar reference), accommodated me.  Things were going swimmingly well, and then we hit Geddes and started to head west and we ran into wind.  We were, in fact by the river, but we were up on the road and we didn’t run by the river for too long a time.  However, as the entire rest of our run was pretty much heading west, we knew we would be running into the wind the rest of the time.  And after running for 8 miles and working up a good sweat, the last five in the wind and cold were brutal.  HOWEVER, as a year-round runner in Michigan, I know that I am going to run in inclement weather. NO getting around that one.  It is inevitable-high temps, low temps, rainy weather, blazing sun weather, snow, sleet, rain.  And that Christy feels as head den mother she now needs to check out the wind direction when routing our runs, well that is just plum crazy!  She does enough for us already, no need to go to those lengths.  Let’s put it this way….I wouldn’t even ask my husband to do that-and I ask him to do just about everything!

On to my running post…

I so LOVE it when I am right!  And I was right about today!  In last night’s post I said one of the key things to do on a “rest” day before a long training run is to “Tell yourself over and over again that ‘Tomorrow’s run is going to be a really good one.’” Because whether you say you’re going to have a good run, or whether you worry about the weather and feel it will affect your run-you will be right!

We were basically running a half-marathon today (13 miles), or as Christy calls it a “half-mary,” which I totally love!!!  The course was very hilly, but it is the rare person who runs in Ann Arbor and doesn’t encounter a hill.  But we came, we saw, we conquered-Broadway, Plymouth Road, Broadway Bridge!! One of the things that we like is that part of the run is part of the Ann Arbor Marathon route.  Below is our route.  Click on this link to take you to to be able to zoom in and see the route in greater detail and other course information.

Half-Mary Route

Our goal time was to run a 10:17 pace.  Unlike Jennifer (a.k.a. Legs) and Christy, I seem to be much more skilled at running slower.  I kept saying things like “We’re running a 9:38 pace. We’re running an 8:50 pace. We’re running a 9:20 pace.” Geez!!!  What part of running a 10:14 don’t they get?  Now, Jennifer, who btw…has qualified for and run BOSTON shared a different opinion than me.  My thought is that the training program we are using clearly calls for a 10:14 pace today.  This training program, based on a book called “Run Less, Run Faster” is scientifically based and is supposed to help us snag a 4:15 time.  Assuming we do all the training, which we will, why in the world wouldn’t we take advantage of the 10:14 pace? (Honestly, Jennifer might not even show up on the days when we are supposed to do a 10:44 pace). Jennifer’s belief is that because we’ve already run 13 miles and survived it, our body knows what we can run it at and is thus doing so.  She suspects as our mileage increases and the amount of time we run those distances, that things will balance out.  We shall see.

In the end, our overall pace time was 9:56 (about 18 seconds under pace time) and like I said, it was a really good run.  Individual mile times were as follows:

Mileage pace times for today's almost half Mary.

As I said, it was a good run-for lots of reasons: 1) Nice pace time, 2) Felt good, 3) Christy and I both had a good run 4) Felt good at the end.  A little before mile 9, my hamstrings started to get tight, but I realized that was due to the cold.  I spent the first 9 miles running and getting warm and sweaty and then we hit a wind wall and it is inevitable that muscles are going to tighten up.  At one point I looked at my watch and we were running a 10:19 pace, which as you can see from the times above would have been one of our slowest pace time.  And due to the wind and muscle fatigue, it felt like it was our fastest pace of the day, when in reality it was our slowest. But, that happened around mile 10 and you can see that our final 3 miles were faster than that one.  So we persevered!!!  No, we conquered!!

To recap: How do you have a successful half-mary run:

1) Think about it, see it, and say, “It’s going to be a good run!”

2) REST on the rest day!


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  1. Christy Perros #

    Phew! The weight of the world has been taken off of my shoulders now that I know I’m not responsible for wind. Thank you KG, XO!

    March 4, 2012
  2. Hey, it is the least that I can do! xo

    March 4, 2012

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