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Today’s training run called for 13 miles at a 10:17 pace.  Sounded easy enough given the right circumstances.  Yesterday I made a concerted effort to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  I think I did pretty well.  I also wanted to make sure that I got to bed at a decent hour since I knew my alarm ways going off at 6:00 a.m.  Not only did I get to bed early but I also slept more soundly that I have in months!  I woke up feeling great! I did a good job of taking care of things I could control.  Now let’s talk about things I cannot control like the weather…..26 degrees, 9 mph winds, feels like 18.  All in all, not such a bad forecast for this time of year, in Michigan,  right?  And, I would have to agree for the first 8 miles or so…..then we turned into the wind and happened to be running right along the river.  Brilliant, Christy, brilliant.  You see, I am the route master of our little training group.  Last night, Kristi G asked me to re-route so that we didn’t have to run through the wind tunnel at Gallup Park.  I thought about messing with her and asking what it was worth to her.  I decided to be nice because I hate that damn wind tunnel too.  Even on a calm day, a run through Gallup Park doesn’t move me like it does many other Ann Arbor runners.  So, I did the re-route and while I enjoyed the change of scenery in the new route, I didn’t do us many favors.  I should have determined what direction the wind was predicted to be blowing and plan our route to run into it for the first 7 miles or so and then have it at our back for the final 6. Nope, wasn’t that smart.  Instead we had the wind at our backs for the first 8 and in our face for the final 5.  Grrrrr.  Nice work, Christy, really nice work. Lucky for me, our prescribed pace was S.L.O.W so we were able to mange that (we actually averaged 9:57 v. the 10:17 we were supposed to) but that much wind, coupled with that much sweat makes for a cold body that would rather seize up than carry on.  But, at the end we didn’t look too bad, did we?

All in all it was a good run and the really cool thing is that, Kristi, Jennifer (we call her legs) all had a good run on the same day.  No one seemed to be miserable at any point – Yay, team!   Jennifer isn’t in the picture because she dusted us and ran ahead the last 2 miles – oh and added one more to get to her house just for good measure.  Side story on Jennifer.  My girl’s a bit modest.  Kristi and I had been long running with Jennifer for several weeks and kept commenting on how fast she was.  We were always chasing her.  Then one day after a long run over hot tea (Jennifer), Mountain Dew in.a.can (Kristi) and chocolate milk (moi) she casually mentions that she ran Boston years ago.  Oh, REALLY??? We just thought we were slow.  We didn’t know we were running with Boston fast.  Thanks for clearing that up, Jen.  Really, she is awesome and is a great runner, and puts up with people named Ch(K)rist(i)y who have short little stubby legs so we’re letting her and her long legs hang with us for as long as she wants.

Another thing that seemed to help me on this run were the mickeys I mean salt pills that Kristi slipped me at mile 6.  I have a hard time with staying hydrated as I sweat like a 400 lbs sumo wrestler. She gave me two more post run and they seemed to help with recovery too. She recommends these:

Magic Pills

After I got home and unthawed a bit, I made myself a little breakfast (broccoli, onion, tomato, and feta omelet, everything bagel thin,  turkey sausage links, and a little o.j.)

Have a great Sunday everyone!  I’m off to watch a little basketball.  Go Blue!!!

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  1. Good Job you gals! i have been keeping up on the posts and sounds like both of you should have not problem with your goals in June. You are doing the best thing there is to reach your goals – Set up a plan and have someone else keep you accountable. I enjoy reading the posts keep them coming.

    March 4, 2012

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