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Today is a rest day. I should embrace the rest, right?  I know I should but at this point it’s hard to.  I know my body needs it and if I don’t take rest days I risk injury.  However, I’m at the point that I rely on the endorphins produced in my workouts to temper my state of mind.  On rest days I seem to be on edge more and basically in a bad mood most of the day.  My family told me the other night that I am now obsessed with running.  At first I denied it.  Then, I embraced it.  They are right I am addicted to the feeling I get after a good work out.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  I am able to deal with the normal stresses of life without getting too crazy and I have my workouts to thank for that.  The big challenge is to respect the rest days and know that they are good for me.

Recently, I have gotten two questions from many people:


How on earth do you get up so early to do your workouts every day?  Simple answer.  I’m a morning person!  Ask me to do anything after 9:00 p.m. and you won’t get much from me.  But, tell me you’ll meet me at 5:45 a.m. to bang out a 7 mile run and I’m your girl!  Here’s evidence of said commitment:

5:45 a.m....ready to attack our first tempo run


How much weight have your lost?? Many people think I have lost a lot of weight.  I like to refer to it as Race Face.  Over the past two years I have been training for one race or another.  I tend to prefer the longer distances so have been running long runs most weekends for several weeks.  In fact, I have not lost a lot of weight.  Strangely enough, I weigh more than most people would think.  I am only 5 feet tall and I weigh in at 115 lbs with a BMI of 22.5.  By standard charts my weight would indicate that I am overweight but my BMI is normal.  Over that past two years of training I think I have lost a total of 3 lbs.  Nothing to write home about.  What I think is actually happening is a redistribution of weight and a definite slimming of my face (Race Face!)  It’s kind of like the opposite of what happens when people have to go on steroids. So, to all of you that are concerned I am wasting away.  Have no fear!  I’m still eating and drinking enough and sometimes even too much.  And, I have to keep up those long runs so I can survive 26.2 miles in 15 weeks!

Ok, now I’m off to load up on carbs for our 13 mile run tomorrow.

Now you tell me:  When is your ideal workout time?  How far are you running this weekend?

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  1. heather #

    Christy, I love the Race Face comment! I remember when I once said something to someone about not really feeling like a runner, and/or feeling like an Oompa-Loompa (you know, fleshy and flabby). Said friend looked at me and said, “You can totally tell you’re a runner; look how thin your face is!” I kid you not. So, while my hips would deny that I’m a runner, my face says it all, I guess.
    I’m also your gal for the early morning, up-and-at-’em runs; I am ready for bed almost every night by 8 p.m.!

    March 4, 2012

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