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Training Day 4 of 112-Tempo Run-#impossibletorunslow?

When I left my house at 5:40 a.m. (If Christy Perros accomplishes no other miracles in her life time, she at least has this miracle to fall back on-she has turned me into an early morning runner, and I LOVE it!?…..But I digress.   

When I left my house at 5:40 a.m., said it was 35 degrees out, feels like 27.

When I left my house at 5:40 a.m., I was terribly underdressed.  And let me digress here for a moment, once again.  One of my biggest “problems” with running is my inability to decide what clothes to wear in cooler temperatures.  This I know.  And this, is also known by anyone who spends anytime on a regular basis running with me.  I offer into evidence “Exhibit A” below from Heather Edwards. 

Exhibit A-Kristi doesn't have a clue.

 When I left my house at 5:40 a.m., there was no precipitation.  And because there was no precipitation, and because, as I age (remember, I’m a middle-age marathoner) my memory wanes.  And because my memory was certainly waning today, I apparently had no memory of what 27 degrees feels like. 

 By the time I arrived at the running destination, the precipitation had decided to rear its ugly head.  So I ran.  I ran at 5:50 in the a.m., in rain and winds of 10+ miles per hour, in a short-sleeved shirt.  Despite my runing jacket, the wind cut through me like a warm knife slides through butter.

Lesson Learned/Mental Note: Seriously, Kristi, you’ve been running for 20 years now.  It’s time to learn how to dress yourself: 1) appropriately and 2) on your own.

 Shall we talk a little about the actual running part of the day?

 Today was our first tempo run and it was to occur as follows:
2 miles easy warm up, which Christy said meant a pace of 10:19/mile.
2 miles at 8:44/mile
2 miles easy

 Here’s what really happened:
Mile 1-9:44
Mile 2-9:03
Mile 3-8:31
Mile 4-8:31
Mile 5-9:37
Mile 6-9:50

It’s official!  I can no longer run slowly.  I have evolved as a runner and that part of my physical capacity is no longer a part of my DNA. Obviously.  

 This training schedule is set up specifically for someone to accomplish a 4:15 marathon.  So why don’t I trust the training routine and run the prescribed pace. Is it because I just can’t run slower than a 10:00 mile pace?  Well, if we take a look at some of my miles on recent long runs, we know that’s not true!  The reason why I didn’t run slow today is three-fold:  1) After 20 years, it is still really hard for me to translate/understand what my pace is based on how I feel/how I am moving; 2) I’m afraid; and 3) I don’t trust myself. 

 When we were clipping along during miles 3 and 4 at a pace 12 seconds faster than “necessary” I found it easier to handle because I just had to do it for 2 miles.  For 2 miles I could run that fast.  But when we got to miles 5 and 6, running a 9:37 and subsequent 9:50-well I could have sworn I was almost walking.  And I was afraid that if I slowed down any more, I’d go from 9:37 to 10:37.  And that is because: 1) I can’t gauge my pace for the life of me (If I didn’t run with a GPS…..forgetaboutit) and 2) I don’t trust myself-and the latter is much more troublesome.

 Fear?  Not trusting oneself?  What are you talking about Kristi?  Well, I tell you.  I’m talking about learning to let go of anxiety about running.  I’m talking about learning not to analyze every move I make when running.  I’m talking about realizing that it’s a TRAINING RUN, it’s NOT THE MARATHON.  It’s day 4 of 112.  What is the point of working out for the next 108 days if I don’t “practice/train” a little?  Be prepared to run a little bit slower and don’t beat yourself up if it does end up being a pace that is slower than what is prescribed.  If I run faster during some of the prescribed times, why can’t I run slower during others?

 Christy P summed it up PERFECTLY as she was struggling to slow down (BTW…she really sucks at running slowly).  The event is the marathon, NOT the training.  We train for the marathon, NOT for the training.

 Lessons Learned: It’s a training run.  So just train. It’s practice. So just practice. Be willing to experiment, be willing to run slower than you think, be open to the fact that all these things are o.k. and definitely be willing to have a good time.  Because if you are going to invest countless hours training; going to bed early; getting up early; visiting your personal pain management team of a chiropractor, accupuncturist, and massage therapist–if you are going to spend all that time doing all those things and you aren’t having a good time-then you should think about doing something else.  Run for the fun of it!!! 

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