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Marathon Training – Day 2 – Track Work Out

So, I didn’t have the  best day in the world but most of the day I was looking forward to my first ever track workout.  Why you say? Yeah, I have no idea.  The check-in process was pleasant and uneventful and the guy that was running the workout was happy to encourage us to do our own thing.  That means we didn’t have to do their thing which was clearly more advanced than our thing.  Here we are looking all giddy and ready to attack the track.

So we begin our nice easy work out of 10-20 minutes and just about simultaneously we both complain about a cramp in our side.  Are you kidding me?  Flat surface, easy pace, no wind, no weather, and a damn stitch shows up.  I managed to keep it under control for the first 1600 but 1/2 way through the 2nd I could barely breathe it was so bad.  Kristi powered on and I tried to relieve the pain by stretching, breathing, and drinking water. I got it under control and joined Kristi for the final 1600.  I must say the pace didn’t feel bad (we were to aim for 8:11/mile.)  We did rest a bit longer than we should have between intervals but decided that was ok for our first attempt at this type of training (ever for me and in a long time for Kristi.)  All in all I felt like the workout was just hard enough.  My legs are tired and I’m ready for bed.  Oh, and BTW, have I mentioned I’m training for my first Marathon?  See below:

So the shirt is super, darn cute, right?!?  Kristi made it for me!  By the end of the workout I decided that running in the shirt wasn’t the best idea…..can you say wet t-shirt contest?!?

See ya tomorrow with a recap of our pool workout!

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