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Training Day 2 of 112-Track Work Out-#undermybelt

First speed workout-UM Indoor Track Building w/Ann Arbor Track Club

OMG!  I am just exhausted.  It is 10:47 and I should have been asleep an hour ago, but I have to get this first post done!!  I worked today from 9 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.; came home and hurried around to get ready for track, feed the pets, walk the dog; get picked up by Christy P at 6:45; and then still had to stop at the bank to get cash for the drop in fee for the indoor track workout.  All of which made me exhausted when we finally got there. Well, not so  much exhausted, but rather anxious.  I’ve been a member of the AA Track Club before, and worked out with them, but I’ve never felt as if I was one of them.  I let them intimidate me because I think they are all as fast as Usain Bolt, which is stupid on two accounts:  1) NONE of them are as fast as Usain Bolt and 2) I’m a damn good runner!  Been doing it for 20 years.  Geez there are women there that have only been alive slightly longer then I’ve been running.  But I digress….

As you can see the posting is Day 2 of 112.  What about Day 1?  Well, Day 1 (Monday) was an optional rest or cross train day.  Guess which one I chose?  I mention that because what I spent Monday doing was worrying about Tuesday’s track work out.  I’ve never  liked to do speed work.  I get the value that it brings, but it is hard.  My legs ache and my chest hurts and my throat burns.  See where I’m heading?  Who would do this??  But despite yesterday’s anxiety, I had a “sign” around noon that I thought could only mean good things.  Let me ramble on for a moment about how I am into dates/”signs”/things which appear to have significance.  And yesterday’s was the second one in a row.  On Sunday, as I was getting ready to do my last pre-marathon training run (Which, let me just say here that “only 10 miles” is a lot more than “only 10 miles” when you consumer “only over 1/2 a bottle of wine the night before.), as I walked into the family room to get dressed for the run, what is on the tv but “Bud Greenspan Remembers: The 1984 Olympics.” And what part of that documentary is on?  Of course it is the telling of the WORLD’S FIRST EVER WOMEN’S OLYMPIC MARATHON.  Needless to say, I watch and tears pour down my face.  Because I’ve run that distance, and I know what it feels like, and I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like to be the best in the world, and that is what brings me to tears.  So…sign #1 was a clip on Joan Benoit Samuelson.  Feeling like a good motivational cry?  Watch Joanie win it right here.   I know, I know…get to the point!  OK.  So sign #2 was when I was leaving work to meet up with Christy P for lunch and my 2009 New York City Marathon key chain holder fell off my keys.  At first I thought this was a bad sign, but then I realized this was a GREAT sign!  That marathon held such bad juju for me that I realized it was a sign that I was breaking from the past and that it happened on day 1 of my new training could only mean great things ahead for me!

And I would say that both signs worked because I had a GREAT track work out, much to my surprise.  The work out was supposed to be:
10-20 minute warm up
3×1600 @ 8:11 pace (8:11 pace?!?!?  Are you freaking kidding me?!!?  Do you know how fast that is for me?!?!? ) with a 1:00 resting interval between each
10 minute cool down

And here’s what happened:
10-20 minute warm up
3×1600 at:  1) 7:56  2) 7:56 and 3) 8:04!  As my sister would say, “Oh hell, yes!”
10 minute cool down

So, I’m going with…I kicked that track workout’s butt and I am no longer going to be afraid of them! I will meet them head on and I will embrace the challenge.  I’m actually looking forward to next week’s work out.  Wondering what it is?  Check out our marathon training schedule here.

On a non-running note, Christy P wore one of the 5 t-shirts I made for her for our inaugural work out, which I loved!  It says “Marathon Trainee” and has the logo of The Ann Arbor Marathon.  Also, Christy was spending time beating herself up because of her work out and some running stitches.  We talked about it realized that things happen for a reason, including a series of events in her day today that made her extremely exhausted-factor in that she is an early a.m. runner and we ran at 7:00 p.m. and that was just another thing of top of all the other things.  The lesson here folks…….we’re all going to have bad runs and there’s usually a reason for it.  Don’t spend your time beating yourself up, spend your time not feeling guilty and figuring out why it happened so that you can avoid it in the future.  Mental note to myself:  Kristi, remember this advice the next time you are having a bad run and beating yourself up about it.  You’re so good at giving advice to others, it’s your own advice to heed, which can be troublesome.

Day 2 down.  Tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. we hit the pool!

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